Spotted This Week – June 1st – Irish Interest

I’m kind of short on time this week, but I want to throw out a couple of links I found this week that you may like. Music Patrick Clifford an Irish-American musician posted a free track on his blog that you may like. The Galtee Mountain Boy is an old Irish rebel song about Seán Hogan’s West Cork Flying Column. ... Read More »

The Buskers and Street Entertainers of Dublin’s Grafton Street

The Lonely Planet Dublin City Travel Guide describes Grafton Street as the “buskers’ Carnegie Hall” and praises some of the performers that ply their trade there by hailing them as “absolutely sensational”. Speaking from first hand experience, they are not far wrong. I picked up the Dublin City Travel Guide for my 3 day stay there back in April. They ... Read More »

The Northern Ireland Wall Murals YouTube Video

To follow up from the previous post I wrote, about the wall murals of Northern Ireland, I wanted to share this YouTube video that I found that I think you’ll enjoy. I tried to post quite a few images from both sides of the conflict in that previous post, but in this 4 minute video you will see so many ... Read More »

Spotted This Week – May 25th – Irish Interest

Another week down. TGIF! This coming Monday is Memorial Day in the United States. Be sure to Thank a Soldier. And now…down to business. Let’s take a look at some of the things that drew my attention this week. As usual, the focus is Irish interest. Beautiful Ireland posted some great shots of Irish landscape photography by Eoghan Kavanagh, ... Read More »

10 Unique Irish Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Aran Sweater

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