Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday: The Dullahan

Oh sure enough, there be no snakes in Ireland to be afear of, but that doesn’t mean the woods are altogether safe. Yer familiar with such classics of Irish folklore as the Leprechaun an’ the Banshee, but have ye ever laid eyes on the Dullahan? Ye’d know if ye had, that’s a fact. (I can only keep up that Irish-Americanized-accented ... Read More »

The Fighting Irish Remembered At The County Carlow Military Museum

County Carlow Military Museum is a showcase and a tribute to some of the bravest and most adventurous men and women that Ireland, and more importantly County Carlow, has ever seen. The Museum opened in 2001 and was refurbished in August 2012. The Museum started in the local FCÁ hut after a former member and friend to all (Donie Cunningham) ... Read More »

120 Seconds Of Video To Make You Fall In Love With Ireland

Wicklow Mountains

CAUTION! This video will make you fall in love! (with Ireland) 🙂 Michael & Trish, of Wild West Irish Tours, have put together this video, with beautiful music and stunning Irish scenery. They asked Cathy Jordan, of Irish Traditional band Dervish, if she could tell them why so many people all over the world feel like Ireland is “home” in ... Read More »

Visa Requirements For Entering Ireland (and a funny story)

A few years ago I was passing through Shannon Airport on my way back home for a visit. I had gone through the passport check, and was waiting on the other side of the immigration kiosks while my wife was being processed. There was a tourist at the desk next to her, and for some reason he had presented 2 ... Read More »

Bantry House and Garden, Co. Cork – A Mid 18th Century Georgian Country Residence

Bantry House is the ancestral home of the Earls of Bantry which is situated overlooking Bantry Bay in West Cork. The title lapsed in 1891 but the house is still owned and lived in by the direct descendant of the 1st Earl of Bantry, Egerton Shelswell-White and his family. Since 1946 the House and Garden has been open to the ... Read More »