Irish festivals in May 2013

Back with another choice lineup of Irish festivals for the month of May. Keep in mind these are just a few of the festivals that you’ll find around the country this coming month. There’s many more out there to suit all tastes. You’ll find a few links to other festival resources below. Here we go… Irish festivals in May 2013 ... Read More »

The Secret Life of Inishmaan By Sophie Moss

Sophie Moss

The Secret Life of Inishmaan By Sophie Moss Author of the Seal Island Trilogy   “Don’t go to Inishmaan,” a pink-cheeked Irishman warned early Sunday morning outside the ticket booth in Galway. “There’s nothin’ to do there.” Twenty minutes later, bumping over the hillsides of Connemara in a bus, a Dubliner asked, “Why are you goin’ to Inishmaan? “There’s nothin’ ... Read More »

Hiring a car in Ireland…a must for seeing the country

Celtic High Cross

When my daughter picked us up from the airport in Dublin, speeding off onto the motorways of Ireland, my dad and I were second guessing our plans to hire a car on our own. First off if you’re not familiar with a right hand drive on the left side of the road, you may be a bit daunted but don’t ... Read More »

Irish recipe competition – get your entry in now!

Do your kids get even with the neighborhood bully by inviting him over for dinner? Does your partner refer to the smoke detector as the oven timer? Have you ever burned the house down trying to make jelly? If you answered no to these questions, then read on… The short version… If you send me an your Irish recipe using ... Read More » ~ Bringing voices from Ireland to the world

Press Release ~ Bringing voices from Ireland to the world. Lovers of Irish Literature, Music, Culture, Heritage and the Arts might like to know about a podcasting website developed by a Sligo based media company. ~ Voices from Ireland, is a website delivering high quality free audio content from Irish writers of poetry, prose and song as well ... Read More »

Kilmacduagh Monastery, County Galway – The Leaning Tower of Kilmacduagh

A very fine example of an Irish Round Tower can be found making up part of Kilmacduagh Monastery near Gort, County Galway. Unlike most other surviving towers, this one has a very noticeable lean, most likely due to it’s shallow foundations. Read More »

Irish festivals in April 2013

Wow! Into April already. Time really does fly. Here’s a variety of Irish festivals I’ve picked out for the month of April that you might find enjoyable. If you know of others, or have one that you think really shouldn’t be missed, please add it in the comments. Irish festivals in April 2013 The Pan Celtic International Festival 2nd – ... Read More »

And It’s Straight I Will Repair To the Curragh of Kildare

Often seen by visitors from their train seat or through their car window, Kildare is a county that rewards the visitor who stops and spends some time. Overlooked by the magnificent mountains of Wicklow to the East, the flat boglands of Kildare are rich with biodiversity. Here you will see the ancient craft of turf (peat) cutting, still done by ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Memories

Galway St. Patrick's Day Parade, 2013

The 17th of March signifies so much for me; obviously being Irish it’s filled with all the razzmatazz of our national holiday. However it wasn’t always such a glitzy affair; long before it was recognised as a the proverbial tourism pot of gold, St. Patrick’s Day was a temperate holy day of obligation. However, I like to think that despite ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Music Suggestions

The biggest day on the Irish calendar is almost upon us. March 17th is celebrated in style all over the world, and is without doubt the day that most Irish people look forward to more than any other. We celebrate it in numerous ways – parties, parades, drinks, decor, costumes etc – but the one thing that is present at ... Read More »