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Will My Cellphone Work In Ireland – Phone Travel Tips Part 1

will my cellphone work in ireland

To be quite honest, there’s no simple answer to the question “Will my cellphone work in Ireland?”. It really depends on a few things – your service provider, the type of service you already have, and the type of phone you wish to take with you on your travels. Most major American cellphone service providers do have options for international ... Read More »

How Do I Call Ireland From Abroad – Phone Travel Tips Part 2

Old Petrol Pump Ireland

Congratulations! You’ve booked your flights to Ireland, and now you’re looking for places to go, things to see, and somewhere to stay. You may need to make a call or 2 across the pond, or up from down under, to get some details straightened out. You may have found a number you wish to call, you may even have tried ... Read More »

Emergency Phone Number in Ireland – Phone Travel Tips Part 3

funny Irish road sign

Hopefully your holiday in Ireland will be jam-packed with fun, and there’ll be absolutely no need to look for any kind of emergency help during your stay. But if you do need help, then it’ll be good to know how to get it. Emergency Phone Number in Ireland In the United States, people call 911 to get through to the ... Read More »

One very good reason to rent an economy car in Ireland

Old Petrol Pump Ireland

You’ll often find that people will spend countless hours researching various car rental companies, and getting as many quotes as possible, before finally settling on the company they wish to rent from. They have good reason to! Renting a car in Ireland can be expensive, so doing the research could save you a lot of money. image credit What people ... Read More »

Content Needed! Do You Have What It Takes?

Picture me, sitting at home, browsing the web, poring over pictures of Ireland, reading Irish history, delving into my memories, doing my best to muster up pieces of information that people visiting Ireland might find useful. Now picture you doing it! Yeah, that’s right – I want YOU to contribute to this blog! I’m looking for people who, like me, ... Read More »

Ways To Get Into, Out Of, And Around Ireland

Ireland is more accessible to visitors now than it ever has been. There are so many options available for getting to Ireland, and when you get there you won’t have a problem getting around either. For those of you who haven’t been to Ireland since the 80’s or 90’s you’ll probably remember trying to navigate tiny rural roads on your ... Read More »

Another way to save some money while in Ireland

A quick follow up to my previous post about things to do in Ireland for the Gathering 2013. In that post I gave you some tips on what to do, and highlighted some of the better online resources to help you find great activities while inIreland next year. I also gave you a link to a coupon site that gives ... Read More »

Irish Road Trips – 5 Of The Best

The entire island of Ireland is full of delightful and spectacular places. There are historic locations, tourist attractions, and natural wonders everywhere. If you are not in Ireland for long enough to explore it all, then you need to pare down your itinerary to just the best trips. Read on to discover PassSmart.com’s top five Irish road trips, to help ... Read More »

Free Family Fun In Dublin

When funds are tight, you could just stay at home – or you could find cheap and inventive ways to enjoy yourselves on a family trip. You can’t get any cheaper than free, so if you’re looking for some budget-friendly ways to occupy the children next time you’re in Dublin, read on: Free Family Fun in Dublin Botanic Gardens It’s ... Read More »