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Will My Cellphone Work In Ireland – Phone Travel Tips Part 1

will my cellphone work in ireland

To be quite honest, there’s no simple answer to the question “Will my cellphone work in Ireland?”. It really depends on a few things – your service provider, the type of service you already have, and the type of phone you wish to take with you on your travels. Most major American cellphone service providers do have options for international ... Read More »

How Do I Call Ireland From Abroad – Phone Travel Tips Part 2

Old Petrol Pump Ireland

Congratulations! You’ve booked your flights to Ireland, and now you’re looking for places to go, things to see, and somewhere to stay. You may need to make a call or 2 across the pond, or up from down under, to get some details straightened out. You may have found a number you wish to call, you may even have tried ... Read More »

Emergency Phone Number in Ireland – Phone Travel Tips Part 3

funny Irish road sign

Hopefully your holiday in Ireland will be jam-packed with fun, and there’ll be absolutely no need to look for any kind of emergency help during your stay. But if you do need help, then it’ll be good to know how to get it. Emergency Phone Number in Ireland In the United States, people call 911 to get through to the ... Read More »

Dublin with a Difference: 5 Special Places to Stay

If you travel a lot, chances are you’ve had enough of bland hotels and identikit accommodation. Fortunately for those travelling to Dublin, Ireland’s capital city has a range of hotels, B&B, and self-catering as full of character and personality as a true blue Dubliner. Here are some of our favourite places to stay in Dublin: No 25 Eustace Street One ... Read More »

A new way to discover content on GotIreland.com

I’m always trying to improve this blog, and make it easy for people to find the content on here that they are looking for. The navigation bar, under the main logo, categorizes posts in a way that is helpful for users, and within each article you will find links to more content similar to what you may be reading. Well ... Read More »

Upcoming Irish Festivals You May Like

On an average year Ireland is typically jam-packed with festivals. Everything from music to food, arts to outdoors, and a whole host of others in between. This year, the year of The Gathering, there is even a greater choice of festivals and events for you to choose from. I’ve been tempting myself with a visit back home by browsing the ... Read More »

Build your Irish road trip with MyDiscoverIreland

MyDiscoverIreland is a new website that travellers can use to plan their road trips. The free trip planner helps travellers to personalise their road trips in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland with the benefits of finding the tourist hotspots include cultural attractions, museums, outdoor attractions, historic hotpots and scenic areas on either side of the direct route. MyDiscoverIreland is ... Read More »

Hidden Walks in Limerick City

It is not immediately evident to Limerick’s visitors that the city possesses quite a few walkways where it is possible to find a peaceful sanctuary within the confines of bustling city life. Below we will describe how to locate these hidden treasures, and how each one has its own unique style. Each of these walks can be completed in half ... Read More »

One very good reason to rent an economy car in Ireland

Old Petrol Pump Ireland

You’ll often find that people will spend countless hours researching various car rental companies, and getting as many quotes as possible, before finally settling on the company they wish to rent from. They have good reason to! Renting a car in Ireland can be expensive, so doing the research could save you a lot of money. image credit What people ... Read More »