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A new social community for movers to Ireland

I’m very excited to announce details of my brand new website, the Ireland Move Club. The website was created to help people who are moving to Ireland, either for the first time, or those returning home, and is also a place for people who dream about moving to Ireland to meet and connect. The Ireland Move Club is a social ... Read More »

My “extra baggage” lifesaver in Ireland

aircoach_travel with extra luggage

Most people travel light these days, but there are those of us who absolutely need extra baggage (e.g. travelling with kids or moving to Ireland), and therefore will need extra space when travelling within the country. Such was my case recently, having arrived at Dublin airport on a one way ticket, with countless bags (well about 12), strollers, car seats, ... Read More »

Opening a bank account for the first time in Ireland

open a bank account in Ireland

When you decide you want to move to Ireland (or back to Ireland as the case may be), one of the first things you’ll need when you get here is a bank account (think loans, getting paid, making payments etc). What I’ve actually found since moving is that I need a bank account for quite a lot more things than ... Read More »

Deciding what to bring on our international move

In case you missed it I broke the news recently that I’m moving back home to Ireland later this year. I’m smack bang in the middle of deciding what to bring and what to sell/dump/or donate. This has been challenging! Ideally, I could dump all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years, pack up everything else I own, put it ... Read More »

Shipping a dog overseas – what I’ve learned so far

***update*** I have written up a far more detailed article about this topic on the Ireland Move Club. In it, I cover everything I learned along the way, including a complete cost breakdown (which may shock you), issues I had with the pet re-locator, and some stuff that surprised me during the process. I recommend that you check out the ... Read More »

It’s official – I’m moving back home to Ireland!

***update*** I just launched a brand new social community for movers to Ireland. You can find it at IrelandMoveClub.com Moving to Ireland After many happy years of living in the good ol’ USA my family and I have made the HUGE decision to pack up and move back to Ireland! It’s been a crazy few weeks/months, trying to decide whether ... Read More »