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St. Patrick’s Day Memories

Galway St. Patrick's Day Parade, 2013

The 17th of March signifies so much for me; obviously being Irish it’s filled with all the razzmatazz of our national holiday. However it wasn’t always such a glitzy affair; long before it was recognised as a the proverbial tourism pot of gold, St. Patrick’s Day was a temperate holy day of obligation. However, I like to think that despite ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Music Suggestions

The biggest day on the Irish calendar is almost upon us. March 17th is celebrated in style all over the world, and is without doubt the day that most Irish people look forward to more than any other. We celebrate it in numerous ways – parties, parades, drinks, decor, costumes etc – but the one thing that is present at ... Read More »

Vote for Irish Traditional Album of 2012 on Tradconnect.com

If you are interested in voting for Irish Traditional Album of the Year, 2012 then you can do so at the moment on Tradconnect.com For the last couple of weeks they have been asking members to decide between 15 shortlisted albums.  Already they have received thousands of votes and voting is due to close shortly.  Tradconnect was set up in ... Read More »

Viking Re-enactments in Ireland

After sharing my recent post about Ben Bulben on Twitter, I got some replies back from people with pictures and stories of their own visit to Ben Bulben. One of those replies was from Anne, who authors a new blog I recently stumbled on. Anne’s blog, Viking Lady Aine, is pretty unique. Well at least it’s a first for me. ... Read More »

What does it mean to say “I’m Irish”?

A recent discussion on a Facebook page I check in on, Pride of the Irish, inspired me to write this piece. The page owner, who very proudly calls himself Irish, was challenged with, “you’re not Irish because you weren’t born in Ireland”. The person very quickly learned that they had barked up the wrong tree! A flurry of replies started ... Read More »

Carrigafoyle Castle, Co. Kerry – photos and facts

I’ve seen a lot of this castle on the internet in recent weeks. Most of that has been photos on Facebook that people have been sharing. I’ve never actually been to this castle in Co. Kerry, but I figured it’d be nice to compile a few photos, and some video, of it, and share it here with some facts about ... Read More »

Kells Priory, Kilkenny – video footage

A few months ago I posted some pictures of Kells Priory in Co. Kilkenny (one of my photo’s and facts posts). I had spent a weekend in Kilkenny a few years ago, and took a trip out to the priory to take some photos. Unfortunately I didn’t take any video that day, but I’ve come across a nice one on ... Read More »

Ten Of The Best Posts From Other Irish Culture Blogs In 2012

Irish Culture Blogs It’s been a great year in the Irish culture blogging world. I, for one, have been enjoying all the wonderful Irish content that my blogging buddies from around the web have been churning out for us. Below, you’ll find a few of my favorite posts from those Irish Culture Blogs. I hope you enjoy them, and I’m ... Read More »

Traditional Irish Breads – Soda Bread Recipe

Irish Brown Bread Recipe

In Ireland in the 1800s, bread making was a very important part of everyday life. More often than not, bread was made in the house by the housewife; it was never bought from bakeries. Over the many years of bread making in Ireland, two similar breads became the most popular. Soda bread, most popular in Southern Ireland, is made with ... Read More »