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Gaelscoileanna – Education through Irish


I went back and forth on the idea of sending my child to a Gaelscoil later this year when I move back to Ireland. I wasn’t sure if he’d struggle to adjust to learning a new language as well as adapting to a new country at the same time. However, my decision is made, and I’m happy with it. This ... Read More »

Bono and buddies do Grafton St. Christmas Eve 2013

Hey there! I’ve been taking a little break from almost all online activity for the last few days. I’ve been enjoying some time with my family, really getting into the Christmas spirit, and I’ve had my fair share of Christmas food too 🙂 I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday too! It’s nice to see Bono &co have been back ... Read More »

A Christmas to Remember in Ireland (Irish Christmas Traditions)

Christmas Day Swim in Ireland, alttext

A Christmas to Remember in Ireland Like many parts of the Western world, Christmas in Ireland is a time of merrymaking and celebration, where gifts are exchanged, copious amounts of food is eaten, drinks are drank and the arrival of Santa Claus is awaited with fervent excitement by the little ones.  Traditionally beginning on the 8th December, the Christmas festivities ... Read More »

Why Dublin is the Perfect Place to Study

Trinity College Dublin

A freshly pulled pint of Guinness, live music, gentle laughter and the clinking of glasses in a true Irish pub are only the beginning of what Dublin has to offer. Students can expect a city jam-packed full of something for all the senses; there’s education, culture, great food, and the opportunity for a whole load of fun. The streets are steeped ... Read More »

The Secret Life of Inishmaan By Sophie Moss

Sophie Moss

The Secret Life of Inishmaan By Sophie Moss Author of the Seal Island Trilogy   “Don’t go to Inishmaan,” a pink-cheeked Irishman warned early Sunday morning outside the ticket booth in Galway. “There’s nothin’ to do there.” Twenty minutes later, bumping over the hillsides of Connemara in a bus, a Dubliner asked, “Why are you goin’ to Inishmaan? “There’s nothin’ ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Music Suggestions

The biggest day on the Irish calendar is almost upon us. March 17th is celebrated in style all over the world, and is without doubt the day that most Irish people look forward to more than any other. We celebrate it in numerous ways – parties, parades, drinks, decor, costumes etc – but the one thing that is present at ... Read More »

Mannanán Mac Lír on the Dingle Peninsula

These days, when I’m not living and working in my inner city apartment in London’s Bermondsey, I wake up each morning on Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. My home here is a stone house built low in the grassy foothills of the last mountain range in Western Europe. The house has stood for over a hundred years. It was built by men ... Read More »

10 Great Irish inventions

“Description: Modern chemistry? Tick. Color photography? Tick. Both Irish inventions, and, as you can see from the infographic, there are many more. And when it comes to refreshing beverages, it’s not just Guinness that should come to mind. Raise a toast to soda water and chocolate milk, both Irish inventions to rival the black stuff.” (excerpt and image taken from ... Read More »

A Little History And Interesting Facts About The Irish Language

In the U.S. people often ask me if I speak “Gaelic”. Gaelic seems to be the word most Americans refer to the Irish language as. In Ireland we simply call it, Irish. Gaelic is actually a group of languages made up of Irish, Scottish and Manx. Now that that’s cleared up, my answer to people is, yes I speak Irish, ... Read More »

How Can I Learn to Speak Irish?

In recent times there have been some great strides made in the options available to learn how to speak Irish. Not just in Ireland, but abroad and online also. There are numerous online resources and classroom opportunities available. Take a look at some of the options we’ve found that may help you get started. TG4 – TG4 is an Irish ... Read More »