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This Is What Makes Blogging Cool!

It’s always nice to hear from people who read your blog, or connect with you on some form of social media. Comments, emails, guests posts etc…I love interacting with the people who want to learn more about Ireland. Recently Kathy O’Hara won a CD on GotIreland, and today I had the nice surprise of these thank you cards in the ... Read More »

Two Short Video Clips of bands at the San Diego St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

It was an unusually windy and wet day today at the 2012 San Diego Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. That didn’t stop the brave men, women, boys and girls from all the participating floats, bands etc from getting out there and putting on a great show for the spectators. Here’s a couple of clips of 2 of the bands that passed ... Read More »

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to the USA

“Time to salute the US for all it has done for Ireland” – that is the title of a recent article in the Irish Times that caught my eye, and it is a sentiment that I personally would like to echo to my adopted country. The reason I am posting this is that I have read many posts in the ... Read More »

Irish American Presidents

The topic of Irish-American presidents came up recently in a conversation I was having, and it made me wonder how many US presidents has there been that claim Irish ancestry. According to Wikipedia, there has been 22 American presidents, who claim to be of Irish descent. That’s half of all US Presidents! President Obama, who in fact does have an ... Read More »