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History in the Making

**This is a guest submission** The past is ever present. Its echo is all around us in the architecture of old buildings — in fine metalwork and ornate facades but also, sometimes, on shrapnel-scarred walls where bullet holes hide beneath a mask of smog and dirt. Those clues wait to be discovered, their stories wait patiently to be told. They ... Read More »

Dublin 1916 Historical Walking Tour

Bullethole visible on angel at OConnell Monument

Dublin city has a long and chequered history, dating back to the Viking Settlement at Wood Quay over a thousand years ago. In 2016, the city is reflecting on one hundred years since the Easter Rising. The Rising was led by seven men, aided by a small army of volunteers, with the aim of ending British rule in Ireland and ... Read More »

A new social community for movers to Ireland

I’m very excited to announce details of my brand new website, the Ireland Move Club. The website was created to help people who are moving to Ireland, either for the first time, or those returning home, and is also a place for people who dream about moving to Ireland to meet and connect. The Ireland Move Club is a social ... Read More »

Gaelscoileanna – Education through Irish


I went back and forth on the idea of sending my child to a Gaelscoil later this year when I move back to Ireland. I wasn’t sure if he’d struggle to adjust to learning a new language as well as adapting to a new country at the same time. However, my decision is made, and I’m happy with it. This ... Read More »

Bono and buddies do Grafton St. Christmas Eve 2013

Hey there! I’ve been taking a little break from almost all online activity for the last few days. I’ve been enjoying some time with my family, really getting into the Christmas spirit, and I’ve had my fair share of Christmas food too 🙂 I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday too! It’s nice to see Bono &co have been back ... Read More »

The 10 most viewed posts on GotIreland.com in 2013

most viewed posts on GotIreland.com in 2013

With the end of 2013 in sight I wanted to take a minute to share with you some of the most read content on the site over the past 12 months. Some of this stuff get’s a little lost as the website grows, but it’s worth digging out once in a while, and sharing it with new visitors to the ... Read More »

A Christmas to Remember in Ireland (Irish Christmas Traditions)

Christmas Day Swim in Ireland, alttext

A Christmas to Remember in Ireland Like many parts of the Western world, Christmas in Ireland is a time of merrymaking and celebration, where gifts are exchanged, copious amounts of food is eaten, drinks are drank and the arrival of Santa Claus is awaited with fervent excitement by the little ones.  Traditionally beginning on the 8th December, the Christmas festivities ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday – The Morrigan


The ripe, heavy moon hangs low and full in the sky, while the swirling, dry leaves scrape against each other, rustling and crumbling in the night wind. Soon we will all feel the crisp bite of winter, the dying of the year. But for now, it is Halloween… All Hallow’s Eve… and we have time to visit but one more ... Read More »