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Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday – The Morrigan


The ripe, heavy moon hangs low and full in the sky, while the swirling, dry leaves scrape against each other, rustling and crumbling in the night wind. Soon we will all feel the crisp bite of winter, the dying of the year. But for now, it is Halloween… All Hallow’s Eve… and we have time to visit but one more ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday – Caorthannach

water demon

Vampires, Soul-stealers, Headless Horsemen, Changelings… all indeed terrifying Celtic myths. In this article, however, we explore one of the most frightening, most intimidating creatures yet. In short, if it’s not one thing…it’s your Mother. We’ve all known (or personally experienced) an overly-protective Mother. Perhaps a Mother that’s a bit overbearing? Bossy? Even literature and Hollywood have used the sometimes precarious, ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday – The Gancanagh


Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday series, leading up to All-Hallows Eve! I get to start this story by addressing my fellow female romantics out there. You know who you are. You’re the ones who grew up dreaming of finding true love…the ones who cry, like clockwork, at movies where the girl ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday: The Changeling

Admit it. We’ve all had the misfortune of meeting a child who just didn’t seem quite right. Willful and mischievous? Ill-behaved and undisciplined? A “bad seed” perhaps? Of course, we smile politely and pretend we don’t notice…but we keep an eye on them while we’re there, nevertheless. It could all be simply the fact that the child is very, very ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday: The Sluagh

So you’ve read of the Dullahan, who takes your life when your time is up. And you now know of the Dearg-Due, who takes your blood if she has the chance. But what about the thing that takes your soul, whenever it pleases? Nearing Halloween, or Samhain, it seems easier to let your mind wander to darker things.  Cooler nights, ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday: The Dearg-Due

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” No one wants to be on the receiving end of one of those. People native to our beloved Ireland are probably familiar with the legend of the Dearg-Due. One of the most tragic and frightening cases of “a woman scorned,” her legend is still whispered at ... Read More »

Irish Faerie Folk of Yore and Yesterday: The Dullahan

Oh sure enough, there be no snakes in Ireland to be afear of, but that doesn’t mean the woods are altogether safe. Yer familiar with such classics of Irish folklore as the Leprechaun an’ the Banshee, but have ye ever laid eyes on the Dullahan? Ye’d know if ye had, that’s a fact. (I can only keep up that Irish-Americanized-accented ... Read More »

Must Be Something in the Irish Water…or the Guinness?

At first glance, he appears as quiet and unassuming as his name. Peter Browne. Average height and weight. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Initially, the thing that stands out is his shoulder-length blonde hair, which falls slightly in his face, almost adding to that shy and inconspicuous demeanor by giving him a place to hide. His eyes might even ... Read More »