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What does it mean to say “I’m Irish”?

A recent discussion on a Facebook page I check in on, Pride of the Irish, inspired me to write this piece. The page owner, who very proudly calls himself Irish, was challenged with, “you’re not Irish because you weren’t born in Ireland”. The person very quickly learned that they had barked up the wrong tree! A flurry of replies started ... Read More »

One very good reason to rent an economy car in Ireland

Old Petrol Pump Ireland

You’ll often find that people will spend countless hours researching various car rental companies, and getting as many quotes as possible, before finally settling on the company they wish to rent from. They have good reason to! Renting a car in Ireland can be expensive, so doing the research could save you a lot of money. image credit What people ... Read More »

Content Needed! Do You Have What It Takes?

Picture me, sitting at home, browsing the web, poring over pictures of Ireland, reading Irish history, delving into my memories, doing my best to muster up pieces of information that people visiting Ireland might find useful. Now picture you doing it! Yeah, that’s right – I want YOU to contribute to this blog! I’m looking for people who, like me, ... Read More »

Ways To Get Into, Out Of, And Around Ireland

Ireland is more accessible to visitors now than it ever has been. There are so many options available for getting to Ireland, and when you get there you won’t have a problem getting around either. For those of you who haven’t been to Ireland since the 80’s or 90’s you’ll probably remember trying to navigate tiny rural roads on your ... Read More »

Carrigafoyle Castle, Co. Kerry – photos and facts

I’ve seen a lot of this castle on the internet in recent weeks. Most of that has been photos on Facebook that people have been sharing. I’ve never actually been to this castle in Co. Kerry, but I figured it’d be nice to compile a few photos, and some video, of it, and share it here with some facts about ... Read More »

Share Your Experience From The Gathering 2013

Dear Readers, I would like to extend an invite to all of you who visit this blog, and who will be spending time in Ireland this year for “The Gathering 2013“, to share a story, an experience, a photo, or some of your memories from your trip to Ireland, on this blog. Whether you’re a tourist on your very first ... Read More »

Kells Priory, Kilkenny – video footage

A few months ago I posted some pictures of Kells Priory in Co. Kilkenny (one of my photo’s and facts posts). I had spent a weekend in Kilkenny a few years ago, and took a trip out to the priory to take some photos. Unfortunately I didn’t take any video that day, but I’ve come across a nice one on ... Read More »

Ten Of The Best Posts From Other Irish Culture Blogs In 2012

Irish Culture Blogs It’s been a great year in the Irish culture blogging world. I, for one, have been enjoying all the wonderful Irish content that my blogging buddies from around the web have been churning out for us. Below, you’ll find a few of my favorite posts from those Irish Culture Blogs. I hope you enjoy them, and I’m ... Read More »

Another way to save some money while in Ireland

A quick follow up to my previous post about things to do in Ireland for the Gathering 2013. In that post I gave you some tips on what to do, and highlighted some of the better online resources to help you find great activities while inIreland next year. I also gave you a link to a coupon site that gives ... Read More »

Win a $50 e-Gift Card to the Blarney Woollen Mills online store

It certainly is the season for giving… Up until now every item that I’ve given away on this blog has come courtesy of the generosity of others. Music, jewelry, language lessons and more. It’s been a pleasure to run the giveaways, and I am so very appreciative of the folks who have offered the items. But now, I want to ... Read More »