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If this is your first time here, it may be helpful to know that GotIreland.com is an Irish travel and culture blog, with a goal of highlighting some of the best that Ireland has to offer. GotIreland.com is supported by a growing Facebook and Twitter following, and a periodic email is sent out to our email list. As a way of maintaining this blog, and to help it continue to grow, advertising and commercial opportunities are available.

Advertising Options

Sidebar advertising
Adverts are shown in the sidebar of each blog post on this website. Adverts are available in various sizes including 125X125 and 250X250. If you are interested in placing an advert on GotIreland.com please get in touch using the details below.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are available in 2 forms: those written by you, or ones written by me. Sponsoring a post is a great way to target a specific audience, as the reader is most likely on the website as a result of searching for that content. If you would like to place an advert on a particular post on this website, you can use the details below to get in touch.
To help you decide which post may be most suitable to your business, the top 5 blog posts on this website are:

45 things to do in Cork city – (approx 1450 views per month) perfect for any Cork city business (e.g. B&B’s, hotels, tourist services etc)
10 unique Irish gifts – (approx 700 views per month) great for Irish businesses with online stores.
Top 5 Irish Road Trips – (approx 500 views per month) – Best suited to car rental companies, hotels and B&B’s.
Traditional Irish Soda Bread Recipe – (approx 300 views per month) – Suited to Irish food stores and restaurants
Pros & Cons of the Dublin Pass – (approx 250 views per month) – Dublin based tourist facilities would find this option interesting.

note: Number of views based on Google Analytics and averaged over the 3 month period Apr-Jun 2013

Product Reviews
Would you like me to review a product? Get in touch and we can discuss the details.

My favorite! Be it CDs, gift cards, books, or basically anything at all that you think an audience with Irish cultural interests would enjoy, I would love to give it away on the blog for you.

The Numbers

GotIreland.com is enjoyed by over 8000+ unique visitors per month, and approximately 13,500 blog posts are read each month (July/Aug 2013 stats). The GotIreland Facebook page currently has over 6800 fans, and over 1800 people follow GotIreland on Twitter.
40-50% of visitors to GotIreland.com come from the United States, and 20-30% from Ireland.

For specific questions, including rates and availability, please contact me.