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Look at how beautiful Ireland can be in wintertime

Cork county was blessed with bright blue skies, and beautiful sunshine this weekend. I took advantage of it by getting out and about both days. On Saturday, I headed for the Clonakilty Model Railway Village. Here’s some photos from an earlier trip. And today, I took myself and my boys to the beach 🙂 We spent 3 hours enjoying the sun and sand at Fountainstown and Myrtleville here in Cork. It was a tiny bit chilly, but definitely a great day to be by the sea. To capture the moment, I took some photos and a little video of the stunning scenery in this area.
The beaches in this area of Cork don’t often get the attention of some more rugged coastal areas (like along the west coast of Ireland), but I absolutely love this part of Cork. These 2 beaches are not your typical ‘sandy’ beaches (although Myrtleville does have a nice sandy area when you first arrive at it). In fact they are full of rock and stones, and that’s one of the things that my kids love about them. Loads of ‘treasure’ hunting (it’s amazing how a kid can value a special rock they find) and there’s tons of tidepools for poking in.
Here’s some of those pictures I took. I hope you’ll watch the 2 short video clips too. Enjoy!

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