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Giveaway: Stefan Schnebelt 2015 Ireland Calendars

Stefan Schnebelt June 2015

West Cork – June Calendar 2015 (photo used with permission. (c) Stefan Schnebelt )

***this giveaway is now over***
Today, I’m delighted to offer you the chance to win an end-of-year prize that will spruce up your home or office for all of 2015. Stefan Schnebelt, a professional photographer from Germany, with a keen interest in capturing the beauty of the Irish landscape, has kindly offered a couple of his beautiful 2015 calendars for free to readers of this website. Stefan has been producing calendars of his own since 2009, and having also received one for myself, I can attest to their quality and beauty.

This calendar is unlike most other landscape calendars that you’ll find out there. Each photograph is ‘frame worthy’ and, to quote Stefan’s website (http://www.ireland-calendar.com/), it “combines everything that makes Ireland so unique and magically attracts visitors of the emerald Isle in impressive panorama images”.

To be in with a chance of winning one of these calendars, please visit this page on Stefan’s website, browse through the calendar photos, and then leave a comment below on this page, telling me which is your favorite. Mine has to be the photo of West Cork that you can see above (month of June).

Good luck! I’ll pick a winner this coming Saturday (22nd November), so you have until Friday to get your entry in.

If you miss out on one of the prizes, you can purchase the calendar on Stefan’s website, or here on Amazon.co.uk. You’ll also find Stefan on Facebook, where you can enjoy more of his landscape photography.

The Winners!
Wow! Over 70 entries! That’s a huge response. However, I have just 2 calendars to giveaway. The luck winners are:
Sean Moriarty
Susan F.

I’ll be in touch to get them to you.

For everyone else, thank you so much for entering the giveaway. I hope if you’re still interested in getting your hands on one of Stefan’s calendars that you’ll visit his webstore at the link above. Best wishes.


  1. My favourite is the May photo – the “long road” towards Portmagee.

  2. Love The Great Pulley Arch in beautiful Donegal!!

  3. My favorite is the Bloody Foreland Co Donegal!! I can look at that picture and feel the cold ocean breeze and smell the salty air. Then imagine going inside and sitting beside a lovely warm turf fire sipping on a Guinness and just enjoying life. Sigh wish I was doing that now.

  4. Margarett fraser Leonard

    I love the photo for the month of November.. I love the swaying grasses in the front left portion of the photo

  5. I simply adored Ireland’s mountains, it’s big beautiful sky and the ocean as well and all three are incorporated into the October photo of the Connor Pass, and with the lovely light filtering through the clouds onto the mountainside, it looks absolutely heavenly!

  6. I love them all, but my favourite would be the June photo, showing the calmness and serenity in the tapestry of the most colourful landscape of West Cork, my grandfather’s homeland. Would love to be back there right now.

  7. Seven of my ancestors came to the USA from Ireland, but the only location I know about is in County Kerry. Of the four Kerry photos I must choose he Glen (March) where I can imagine some of them visiting now and then.

  8. My favorite is May. Skellig Ring, Portmagee…my husband and I drove that road on our honeymoon in September!

  9. I love them all, but I really like the Conor Pass in October. My husband and I drove the pass in September and found it hauntingly beautiful. 🙂

  10. i loved them all as my heart shall always be in ireland but my fav was the irish cottage in Blasket island Co kerry after living many years in holland this memory of the old irish lifesyle still gets me sentimental

  11. I can’t decide on ONE favorite, so I’ll pick two.

    Number 5 and number 8 are my favorites. I’ve never been to Ireland, only dreamed about it, and when I do Ireland looks like these two photos in my mind’s eye.

    Love them!

  12. I have been to all of the counties which are photographed and loved them all! A biased me would say August because my Pappy was a Mayo man from Achill Is, but May really captures my favorite memories of driving through Ireland… miles and miles of rolling green hills, stone walls and just pure unadultarated beauty!!


  13. Bloody Foreland. Co.Donegal
    Nothing like a beautiful thatched cottage and gorgeous sunset to represent Ireland.

  14. I absolutely love the one of Connor Pass, County Kerry.. I have driven this before on my second and third trip to Ireland and it always takes my breath away. He has totally captured the magic of the land in all of these pictures and looking at all of them has brought me a tear, missing Ireland, again.

  15. July…….#7. Love the cottage on the water.

  16. December…lovely Donnegal sunset xxoo

  17. Skellig Ring in Kerry, no question! That photo is drop dead gorgeous, perfectly lined with the road, all the green. Heaven on Earth.

  18. Noreen Folan Essenberg

    I am utterly and totally in love with 06, West Cork. All of the pictures are lovely. My sister has lived in Cork for a decade now and I’ve fallen in love with it. My parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents were born and raised in Galway. While Galway holds a special place in my heart, it is for Cork I continue to yearn…
    Noreen Folan Essenberg

  19. My favorite shot is the Stroove Lighthouse! I made my first trip to Ireland as part of a choral tour in 2010. It only increased my obsession, and the list of places I want to get to on the island is actually longer now than it was before the first trip! I am 3/4 Irish heritage, and every second there just felt like I was HOME. Counting the days til I get home again!

  20. My favorite is 2015/07 Blasket Island Co. Kerry.
    I love the cottage with the bright blue. I have always wanted to go to Ireland, I will get there someday. But for now I will enjoy those pictures and dream of being there.

  21. I think I liked July the most. Imagine living in that beautiful and peaceful cottage, what a dream that would be. I live in Brazil – so far away from Ireland – but my heart lives there!!!!! I can only dream looking at this beautiful pictures!

  22. My favourite is the Febuary picture, because it’s one of the few places in Ireland I haven’t been!

  23. Mine would also have to be Dec. Love the house and ocean. Very Pretty.

  24. Catherine A. Connolly

    It is difficult to chose as the photos are all so beautiful … since I have to chose, my favorite is The Glen, Co. Kerry. Brilliant. I feel that I can step into the photo and become all that is Ireland. You do Ireland proud … thank you!

  25. I have two favorites:
    May – Portmagee, Co. Kerry and December – Bloody Foreland, Co. Donegal

  26. Love #5 – reminds me our trip to Ireland in 2013 and the many landscapes like this all over the Ireland. My nephew Stefan thought so too after looking at our pictures.

  27. Each picture is more beautiful than the next, but if I must choose one it is the cottage on Great Blasket Island.

  28. I love June’s photo.. it is home to my ancestors… and it resonates within me when I look at that picture. All the photos are beautiful… but June sings to my heart.

  29. May represents Ireland to me

  30. So hard to choose a favourite when every month has a beautiful photo. However for me it would have to be the December shot of the cottage at Bloody Foreland in Donegal. If the lovely cottage, stone walls, beautiful coastal scenery and stunning sky didn’t give it away then that special light that you only find in Ireland could leave you in no doubt that this photo was taken in the lovliest country on Earth!

  31. Very tough to pic a FAV pic. March – The Glen

  32. July, just love the cottage by the sea.

  33. Wow…this is a Beautiful calendar! I am torn between the Lighthouse of September and the Irish Beauty of October….Thanks for this chance Liam!!

  34. MAY The Glen County Kerry…it was difficult to choose just one. They’re all spectacular views featuring the landscapes of Ireland, I’d love to visit everyone someday.

  35. I liked #5 – it shows a little bit of all that makes Ireland the most beautiful place on earth.

  36. My heart is in
    Ireland, especially Co. Donegal. I love the cottage at Bloody Foreland, but the lighthouse is a close second. The photo of Conor Pass is very dramatic because of the ever moving clouds. All are very beautiful.

  37. I love July’s photo of the house by the ocean, makes me want to live there. =)

  38. I love them all, but would pick July, I would love to live in that cottage.

  39. Stunning calendar!! Breathtaking views, with my fav being the December photograph, it just so quintessential Ireland to me.

  40. The December photo is my favorite because I dream to live in just such a cottage with that view! What a lovely calendar!

  41. I like them all!! But the one with the house with the blue windows and doors is my favorite!!!

  42. Love the Great Pully Arch..haven’t been to Donegal yet but will definately put it on the list of my next visit. Reminds me of the California Coast.

  43. My fav. is the September picture because I love lighthouses and would love to be at the top of the one in the picture and be looking out over the water.

  44. I love the picture of the cottage on the Great Blasket Island, County Kerry

  45. I like the photo of the Keem Strand in Co Mayo… When I was there it was really nice to walk in the sand and wiggle my toes in it.

  46. My favorite is December’s. It ‘s my dream to one day live in Ireland and that seems like a perfect spot. I think i’ve found my new daydream scene!

  47. My favorite photo is 12 ..
    I find my soul yearning to live in a place like this even if just a few weeks one year.

  48. my favorite is May. To me it speaks “This is Ireland”!

  49. I can’t decide which I like best. They are all amazing and make me miss Ireland so much. There is just so much beauty

  50. love them all, going to Ireland in May 2015 and travelling south of Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney and back to Cork. Every time I see a photo of any of those areas, I find that I cannot wait to get there. Did a brief trip back in 2011, hence a longer trip next year. i live in New Zealand and would love to get a calender showing the areas that I am going to visit.

  51. Bloody Foreland. Co.Donegal
    My family came from there!

  52. Bloody Foreland. Co.Donegal

  53. Virginia Kelly -Donohue

    As an American of Irish descent it has long been a dream of mine to visit Ireland. I really was struck by all the different landscapes shown in this calendar especially the September portrait of the lighthouse. It truly represents Gods country!

  54. Debbie McClintock Leb

    Strove Lighthouse Donegal…love it!!!

  55. It is very hard to pick a favorite pic! But if I have to choose, The July Cottage of Co Kerry would be it. I never tire on seeing the homes of our grandfolks. I am from Ireland, and it is, and will always be, in my heart.

  56. December: Bloody Foreland. Co.Donegal. It’ s the place I would like to live the rest of my life!

  57. Julie Gervais Roop

    Mine is definitely 07, the Cottage at Great Blasket Island. I loved the thatch roof homes we saw when we visited, AND it’s the photo of my birth month, July!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful images.

  58. It is extremely hard to pick just one, they are all wonderful shots; if I were to choose one, I’d say that “December” gives me the cosy feeling of an Irish fireside, and maybe that is why it has stuck with me. I could easily live there for the rest of my days.

  59. Wow, so hard to choose. It was a close call between February and September, but I think I’ll say September. That lighthouse is so very-Irish, and the beach reminds me of so many Irish beaches I’ve been too. Thanks for the chance to win! Sean

  60. I love February and July. I love the churning of the sea and the rocks, and also the cottage. All the photos are lovely! Good luck to everyone!! Dorothy

  61. It was hard to pick a favorite out of so many stunning pictures. I decided to pick July because I would love to live in that cottage!

  62. I am delighted to see these photos. My favorite is #2 in Donegal,(I didn’t see a month on it) which ironically is one of my favorite places in all of Ireland. Probably why I set my debut novel, The Sun Palace there. thank you for this post and I would be interested in a calendar even if I do not win.

  63. Love them all, but my favorite is August. That is where I want to spend my summer 🙂

  64. All are amazing, beautiful color! I would have to pick #12, Bloody Foreland, Co.Donegal as my overall favorite..I absolutely love the stones and cottages set against the splendid landscapes.

  65. I love them all, but my favourite would be the June photo. 🙂

  66. My favorite was #7 July–so many shades of green!

  67. My favourite is the Juli (Cottage auf Great Blasket Island). I would love to live there!

  68. December is no doubt my favourite, the essence of Ireland!!!

  69. I love them all but my fave is October!

  70. My favorite is the Stroove Lighthouse Donegal!

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