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A new social community for movers to Ireland


I’m very excited to announce details of my brand new website, the Ireland Move Club. The website was created to help people who are moving to Ireland, either for the first time, or those returning home, and is also a place for people who dream about moving to Ireland to meet and connect.

The Ireland Move Club is a social community. Some of the benefits of registering for a free account are:

  • Connect with people who have already moved to Ireland who are willing to help you with your move.
  • Participate in interest groups.
  • Send private or public messages to other users.
  • Discuss issues related to moving e.g. international moving companies, pet re-locators, housing, education, medical etc
  • Write blog posts for this website

It’s in its very early days, but so far there has been a very positive reaction to the site. Numerous people have registered already and comments are beginning to roll in on some of the featured posts.

Stop by today if you have a chance. If you’re interested in participating, then I’d love for you to sign up for an account.

Thank you


  1. Hi!
    We are moving to Ireland in january and wondering how on eath to get all our stuff (including expensive computer equipment) over there affordably.

    Can you help??


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