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How to find a pet friendly bed and breakfast in Ireland

As you may have seen, I’ll be bringing my dog back to Ireland soon. I’ll be arriving in Ireland at a perfect time – right as the weather will be getting warmer, and the day’s longer, so a weekend trip, or 2, during the summer, is on the cards. I started thinking about where my dog will stay if I’m away, and I figured the best option would be for her to tag along when possible. So with that in mind, I know I’ll need to find a pet friendly bed and breakfast while on my travels.

Pet friendly bed and breakfast in Ireland

Look for this in the B&B listing

It’s easier than you might think to find a pet friendly B&B in Ireland on the new-look Bed and Breakfast Ireland website. Just search for your dates/locations as you would normally do when booking accommodation. When your search results are returned, use the ‘Filter By’ option to narrow down your results to those that have “Facilities for Pets”. I ran a few searches around the country (Cork, Killarney, Galway) and there are plenty of options 🙂

One thing to note and be aware of (especially if you have a pampered pooch), your pet probably won’t be able to tuck up with you on the bottom of the bed. The BandBIreland.com FAQ on the topic says that “in the interest of hygiene pets are not allowed inside the premises”. It seems as though any ‘facilities’ the cottages/houses will have for pets, will be outside of the main house. I think I’ll be calling before booking just to make sure the ‘facilities’ are at least warm and safe.

Happy travels…

pet friendly BandB in Ireland