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St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway – Sealed with Irish Love Gift Box

A very Happy St. Patrick’s week to you all. I’m delighted to be bringing you a product giveaway from Ireland this week, and of course, I couldn’t do it without the help of the very generous owner/designer of the products, Máire McKeogh.

Having lived in London for a number of years, Máire recently returned to Ireland and decided to give something new a try. The nostalgia for her Irish surroundings combined with a background in interior design inspired Máire to design and create ‘Sealed with Irish Love’. The images on the products, such as the windswept hawthorn tree, old Irish bicycle, village water pump and bird feathers, are inspired by Máire’s youthful ramblings and many road trips around the country since her return.
Be sure to stop by Máire’s website, www.sealedwithirishlove.com, when you get a minute. You’ll find notebooks, coasters, tea towels, mugs and more, and for orders under €80 you can have it shipped to the USA for just €7.50.

To give you a little more insight into the inspiration for Máire’s products, here’s a little snippet from a recent interview she did on laporte-bleue.com

My inspiration comes from growing up in the West of Ireland. During this time my friends and I would ramble around the countryside for hours on end and only came back for sustenance. I loved the change in seasons as there was always a new adventure in store but in my memory, it did not rain as much!. The designs are inspired by this time and provoke a certain nostalgia which I think many people can associate with.

The Prize

Sealed With Irish Love Giveaway

Sealed With Irish Love Giveaway

A Sealed With Irish Love gift box (Value €45) which includes:
– A Sealed with Irish Love Screen Printed Tea Towel
– Bone China Mug
– A5 lined Notebook
– Pack of 4 Notelets
– and 6 Coasters

Pretty cool!

To enter to win
St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us (March 17th, but need I tell you?), so I’m going to obviously ask you something about that. I’d love for you to share a quick story about how you’ve celebrated Ireland’s famous holiday in the past. Maybe tell us about a memorable event or parade you went to for St. Patrick’s day, or a St. Patrick’s day you enjoyed in Ireland. No worries if you can’t remember something (I have those days too 🙂 ), just tell us how/where you’ll celebrate it this year.
You can add your comment using the form below. Last entries will be taken midnight Irish time on March 14th, and the winner will be notified by email in time for the big day.
Good luck!

Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement, just a really neat way for me to help one lucky winner celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

We have our lucky winner! Bernadette McNally takes the prize. I hope you have a very special St. Patrick’s day.

Thank you again to Máire. Be sure to stop on by here website, www.sealedwithirishlove.com and enjoy the selection of products and designs.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.


  1. My friend Anne and I have been going to QVC in Pennsylvania for several years now for St. Patrick’s Day. We love going and visiting with all the Irish Vendors that come to QVC to sell their products (I always spend too much $$). Being from Texas, this is now our annual vacation and our favorite time of the year! This will be our 4th year.

  2. I will be checking out your web site later today, always excited to see new Irish sites. I will be working on St Patricks day but will be sure to wear the Green & wishing all a wonderful Day.

  3. I love the blog and website. I’ll check Maire’s site later today as well. This is our “high holy month”, my daughters are competitive Irish dancers. We’ll be in tons of shows and 2 parades. I love it!

  4. I love spending St. Patrick’s Day enjoying family, and great food.

  5. Love the website & blog. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parade attendance followed up with a day of pub crawling & beer pong tournament. This year is even more fun cause it’s 2 days of fun because it falls on the Monday which means out parade is Sunday & “sick day” from work Monday to spend the day with family celebrating St. Patricks Day lol

  6. I’m in the middle of drawing a minion from Despicable me with a leprechaun hat and holding a giant shamrock 🙂 I’ll post is on my Blog and Instagram when it’s done and stick it up on my wall. I’ll post the finished version in here in a couple of days when it’s done so you can see 🙂

  7. music is always a major part of Patrick’s Day for me, whatever part of the world I may find myself. there are many memories connected with music and this season of the year, including attending concerts by Cathie Ryan, Cherish the Ladies, the Black Family, and many others, listening to Live Ireland and Celtic Soujourn broadcasts over the internet, and listening to recorded music from Mary Black, Tommy Sands, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, among others

  8. I have to work that night, but I will be spreading the Irish cheer while I am at work. I am a server and we will be having corned beef and cabbage as a special. I will probably make some Irish Soda bread the night before and maybe open a bottle of Guinness to celebrate. Not before I go into work ,that wouldn’t be good. Someday I hope I will be able to attend the St Patrick’s Day parade and celebration in Ireland. That would be a dream come true.

  9. Catherine Farrell

    Always a parade! My daughter’s Irish dance school was always in the parade, and my boys were with their Catholic high school marching band– known as the Fighting Irish (complete with leprechaun mascot! I am down to my last child in the parade this year. My daughter still dances up at college, but there are no parades near her.
    After the parade it’s off to the local Irish pub to listen to some music and grab a bite .
    Supper is always corned beef and homemade soda bread. I always make extra loaves to give to friends.
    Someone mentioned QVC. Until my daughter went to college she danced at QVC every St. Patrick’s day. It is still fin to watch their 24-hour St. Patrick’s day show.

  10. Family, food and fun! Parade first then my Mums homemade Irish cooking…after that some pub crawling of course! Blessings to all and be safe in your journeys!

  11. Geraldine M Fraser

    This Saint Patrick’s day, I will be spending the day with my family. We will all be checking each other for the wearing of the green. Lunch and movies will be the bill of the day. I can’t wait~!!! My children are grown and on their own so it is always special to get together and celebrate our heritage.

  12. We celebrate with family, food, singing and my specialty; homemade Irish Cream Liqueur. It is a day to renew friendship over a glass or pint!

  13. Bernadette McNally

    We celebrate with several parades all month, weather permitting (not so much this year in the northeast!), homemade Guinness bread and Guinness stew and a pint for meself. Chieftains on the stereo and a nod to my Irish grannies. It’s a special day to appreciate heritage and not all the awful stereotypical stuff like overuse of leprechauns and green beer. . . agh .. .!

  14. Well, firstly, my kids and I do NOT wear green; we are Irish and we dare you to pinch us!!! We do however take a break mid day when we sit down to a meal; we chase down our cottage pie with green beer. A lovely green mint ice cream rounds off our meal. Before and after dinner we spend our day doing the parades, live shows at the pubs, and just indulging in general exuberance as only the Irish can do! We always take pride in our Irish heritage but St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year when all our friends join in!

  15. I’m planning to make soda bread and shepherd’s pie for supper, then we’ll watch the movie “The Quiet Man” and remember the trip to Ireland, which included Cong, so we’ll see lots of places in the movie that look familiar! ♥

  16. My most memorable St. Patrick’s Day celebration was my junior year in college. A friend and I went to New Orleans on Spring Break and we celebrated the day/night on Bourbon street, watching the parade, in the rain, and raising our pints!

  17. Ahhh…St. Patricks Day! It’s always such a fun day for us! Parades, good food, drinks & GREAT family & friends!

  18. For many years, I celebrated St Patrick’s Day in Emmetsburg, Iowa, sister city to Dublin. Every year Emmetsburg has Irish dignitaries come for their celebration, and it was always fun taking part in the ceile’s. Since moving to Denver, CO, I have hosted a St Patrick’s Day Irish tea for all my neighbors. I have yet to attend the huge St Patrick’s Day parade downtown, but have taken part in the pub crawls!

  19. St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. This year my granddaughter and I have decorated the house with my leprechauns and little pig with a shamrock bow and all of the other little things I have collected over the years. She loves to decorate. We will make Irish stew and soda bread for dinner. We will make shamrock cookies for her to bring to school for her classmates and teacher. We listen to Irish music everyday so we will have our entertainment.

  20. Debbie McClintock Leb

    Hi there. My husband & I will be celebrating our 4th Annuversary on March 17! The day we were married our kids & friends all dressed in green. It was a great day. Look forward to celebrate every year. We are also going to be participants in the St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown St.Louis. This will be our 26tb year in the parade. There are over 150 cousins riding on our float. We’ve won Best Family Float for the past 6 yrs. We represent my Great Grandma Annie O’Neill from Ireland. We are a very proud Irish family!

  21. I will be working the night shift at the hospital but I intend to celebrate there with as many Irish dishes as I can cook up and spread the Irish spirit with my co-workers and patients.

  22. Hi…as yet i haven’t managed to be in Ireland at the right time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day there 🙁 However in Sydney we are lucky enough have one of the biggest parades in the world and it is followed immediately after by a huge party in Hyde Park in central Sydney. Tens of thousands of people decked out in green have an absolute ball at this. For me, however, St Patrick’s “Day” lasts, in fact, for several days because my son is an Irish Musician and usually has several gigs in the build up and on the actual day so the fun of the celebration lasts quite a long time in our household. One of the best things about the whole event though is seeing so many people getting together and having fun, enjoying great music, amazing dancing and the craic in general….and no, it’s not all about drinking….there’s plenty of us who celebrate and can remember every moment…which is fortunate because it’s always a memorable day. Happy Paddy’s Day to everyone out there 🙂

  23. St Patrick’s day is the one day of the year that I watch QVC! Friends come over for dinner with Irish music playing in the background I know Corned Beef is an American thing, but we love it (simmered in beer) with potatoes, carrots & cabbage. I make an awesome Irish soda bread…really Spotted Dog, but we call it soda bread!

  24. Hi Liam! Thanks for this awesome Giveaway from Sealed with Irish Love! Ever since I was a child I we have always celebrated our Irish-American St Patrick’s Day with a Corned Beef boiled dinner. The meat, chopped cabbage, carrots and potatoes all simmered in a large pot for hours. The smell in the house is amazing!! 5 generations later and we a still simmer boiled dinners, no matter how far away my daughters may live I can tell you what their March 17th family dinner will be! 🙂

  25. We always celebrate at home with Irish stew and Guinness.

  26. Julie Gervais Roop

    We had found out in January 2012 that the University of Notre Dame Marching Band had been invited to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. My son was in his junior year and a member of the band. I had never traveled overseas and did not have a passport. We didn’t want to pass up the opportunity so we pulled together our first trip to Ireland in about 6 weeks. We spent St. Patrick’s Day watching the majestic pageantry and visited many a pub in the temple bar district. Could not have been better, looking forward to doing it again someday!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  27. Thank you so very much Liam and Máire!! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all!

    • Your very welcome Bernadette. I like the sound of that Guinness bread. Would you mind sending details of your address to maire@sealedwithirishlove.com and I will pop the gift box in the post for you tomorrow. Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day and thanks to all those who entered.