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What gifts have you brought to Ireland?

Earlier I received a question/comment on a previous post asking about what kind of unique things someone could bring to Ireland as a gift or to trade. The question, from Fonda, was phrased as follows:

I would like to know what to take to Ireland, things they can’t get that I might trade for. Can you give me some ideas on little things to take?

In the past, I have recommended plenty of things that you can bring back from Ireland (see here and here), but have yet to cover this interesting topic, and I’m really hoping you can help.

Like I told Fonda, the answer will really depend on a few different things: where you’re coming from, what you plan to spend, who you’re buying for, and in the case of the question above, what you expect in return. Of course, if you could bottle up some sunshine, and bring that over, you’d put smiles on plenty of faces 🙂

A few things that I’ve brought back to Ireland from America were:
American Whiskey for my grandfather – this can difficult to get, and more expensive, in Ireland
Shoes for my sister – again, particular brands can be more expensive in Ireland
Unusual or unique clothes for family and friends
Small electronics for my brother
The usual trinket-type souvenirs (pens, car stickers, etc)
Body lotions, fragrances etc – some of these might be difficult to track down in Ireland
Food items that family requested that they can’t get in Ireland, that they liked during a visit.
Unique local-made items (examples include jewelry, stationary, silverware)

Chime in below with a comment if you have a few ideas.
What have you brought to Ireland, as a gift, that was either unique, or very much appreciated?
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  1. A couple of suggestions that came in via Facebook. Seems like food is a popular thing to bring.

    From Jan Nuzum Schul: T-shirts from Irish bars in the states, and Kansas City barbecue sauce!

    From Tim O’Toole: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, they don’t sell them any where in Ireland and my friend there loves them!

  2. N.Y made Maple Syrup. My friends in Cavan , Dublin & Kilkenny all love it and find it almost impossible to get in IE

  3. Gifts with place names or sport & university apparel, craft gifts, jewelry, trinkets or other items that identify themselves as being uniquely american are probably best. I think, even as recently as 10 years go, brand names or food items like candy were probably highly sought as they were unavailable in Ireland, but now so many items are accessible either from the U.S. or are sold in Ireland that it is local or more personal items that would stand out.