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Giveaway/Product review: Wise Decor wall decal

céad míle fáilte photo

Céad Míle Fáilte

I recently got around to one of those household chores I had been putting off for some time: painting the living room and hallway walls. They used to be a boring off-white color, so I spruced them up nicely with the blue-ish color you can see in the pictures (sorry about the bad lighting). They turned out quite nice 🙂

Not long after painting them I received a message from Kacie over at Wise Decor. She wanted to know if I’d be interested in checking out their wall decals – a pretty cool product that lets you easily add quite a nice touch to any wall space. Kacie offered me a free decal, and I was happy to take her up on the offer. I ordered the Irish greeting “Cead Mile Failte” from their website. That’s “One Hundred, Thousand Welcomes” to all you non-Irish/Gaelic readers.

Their website makes it really easy to test out different text styles, colors, letter art etc for your chosen text. I’m guessing it’s a pretty popular service with people looking to decorate baby rooms, kitchens, hallways etc. I received my custom design a few days after placing the order, and after opening it up was glad to see the installation instructions. I had anticipated it being a little tricky to get the decal onto the wall, but the instructions made it out to be quite easy. And it was! My decal is quite large, which meant I did need a little help unraveling it, but it wasn’t difficult at all. It took all of about 10 minutes to do. For a smaller decal, it’d be even easier/quicker.

The Giveaway
Kacie was kind enough to offer me a $50 gift card to give away to a reader of the blog 🙂 To enter to win it, leave a comment below telling me what and where you might use it for. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments. When you’re done leaving the comment pop on over to their website and have a poke around. You can find Wise Decor on all the regular social media sites too – FacebookTwitter , Pinterest etc.
Your last chance to enter is this coming Thursday (Feb 13th).

Céad Míle Fáilte

Thank you to everyone who entered to win, and of course a big thank you to all at Wise Decor. Our winner is; Jonaid K! Congrats on the baby-to-be. I hope s/he likes your choice of decor.


  1. Julie Gervais Roop

    What a great idea! I’m creating a “wall” that is all things Irish . . .including my Certificate of Irish Heritage, my map of Ireland, photos of our trip there two years ago, and family! I have posters of the Pubs of Ireland, Doors of Ireland, photos of castles, and so much more (it’s a large wall!). A personalized (or one of Wise Decor’s pre-made wall decals) wall decal would complete the project! Thanks for offering the chance to enter your giveaway!


  2. Wow, those are very nice decals! Nice color choice on your walls there too. 😉

    I’d love to use the Cead Mile Failte one in my home office where I’m planning on adding old family photos to a world map.

    I have to poke around the Wise Decor site some more, as we’re also planning on painting and sprucing up our kitchen and have a huge open 2nd-story wall space under our cathedral ceiling that could use something in it.

  3. I’ve been looking at these to put up in my foyer/stairwell with all the family pictures. I’m going to check out the site also!! Love the wall color!

  4. just ordered two Cead Mile Failte, one for my Irish wall and one for my sister’s home for her birthday. This will be the perfect compliment among all my Irish pictures, etc. that I have posted!

  5. Hi Liam
    Thank you for putting this write up together. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I had been considering painting words on my sons bedroom wall, but with or without this prize, I think I’ll now be settling for a Wise Decor decal 🙂

  6. The wall color is close to one I have in my home. A very nice choice! I would order the same one you did. It would go in my foyer right where one would see it when they come in. I did poke around and found a couple more that could find a home here.

  7. Another great giveaway thank you! If I win I think ill use it as a gift to decorate my young nephews room

  8. My wife and I are taking a Holiday next month in Ireland. I have been there twice. We have been married 4o years now and when we get home i believe this would be a great surprise for her to see. I know she is going to enjoy Ireland as much as I do. What fun it could it be for my daughter to place this in our family room for her to see when she walks in.

  9. What a great giveaway. Id love to win to decorate my daughter’s bedroom for her birthday. Good luck all

  10. Margarett Fraser Leonard

    What a place of honor I have planned for the Irish greeting “Cead Mile Failte” in my entryway

  11. Proud daddy-to-be here. I could think of plenty of things I could use this for when my baby is born later this year. Help me put a smile on my baby’s face 🙂

  12. I have a bunch of items saved for an “Irish room” and I have used similar decals before, they’re great!