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Why Dublin is the Perfect Place to Study

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

A freshly pulled pint of Guinness, live music, gentle laughter and the clinking of glasses in a true Irish pub are only the beginning of what Dublin has to offer. Students can expect a city jam-packed full of something for all the senses; there’s education, culture, great food, and the opportunity for a whole load of fun. The streets are steeped in history, evident in the beautiful architecture and numerous cultural institutions, and traditional live music oozes out of the friendly pubs, bars, and restaurants throughout the city almost every day of the week. There’s always something happening in Ireland, be it a street festival, a live concert, or an opening night at one of the many museums, meaning Dublin has something for everyone, whatever the mood, weather, or time of year.

For many, studying abroad can be an enlightening experience, opening up horizons and many new opportunities, while providing the chance to gain insightful cultural understanding and, for some, the opportunity to learn or improve a second language.

Choosing Dublin as your overseas study destination means choosing the eighth best student city and eighth safest country in the world with a large, young population who not only speak English as their official language, but where around 38% of the population still speak Irish with many institutions offering the opportunity for visitors to learn it for themselves.

And, when the inevitable end of year exams and essays come flooding in, the stunning architecture, relaxing river, scattered parks, and vibrant city life both at night and during the day will no doubt take out the stress of studying, as you explore the city with your new friends.

But it’s not just the out-of-class attractions that make Dublin the perfect place to study; it is also very important to consider the costs that are involved, too. Fortunately, Dublin allows all students to work up to 20 hours per week while studying, and up to 40 hours per week during the holidays with a minimum wage of €8.65 per hour, which dramatically helps cover the living costs involved.

In addition, Dublin offers a stable job market for its graduates, with particularly good development prospects in the fields of IT, finance, engineering and pharmaceuticals, with many important international businesses such as Google and Microsoft basing their European headquarters in this charming city. The up-and-coming entrepreneurial vibe means that Dublin is a great place to consider business ideas, and to mingle with young professionals from varied backgrounds.  Not to mention that the people of Dublin have a world-renowned reputation for being amongst the friendliest across the globe, with a large number of culturally diverse students and professionals calling it their home.

In Dublin, you have the chance to study for a degree at one of the world’s top ranking universities; University College Dublin or Trinity College Dublin, which will set you apart from the rest as you begin your new career path anywhere on the planet.

For more information about Dublin and how to achieve your goal of studying there, check out Study Group, which has a range of programmes where you can study in Dublin, Ireland.

And, once you’ve made it there, make sure you take advantage of this life changing opportunity and visit some of the fantastic mountain ranges, untouched beaches, and rolling countryside that this captivating country has to offer.

 Guest post submitted by Lizzie Davey. Lizzie writes for Study Group, who have a range of programs for international students to study abroad in Dublin.

image credit: Flickr user kieranlynam