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Listen Up. 10 Great Podcasts for Learning About Irish History, Culture and Tourism

Podcasts for Learning About Ireland

The digital age has given us a whole set of new resources to learn about Irish culture, history, and travel, and the portability of the audio podcast lets us continue our research while driving the car, working out at the gym, cooking dinner, and walking the dog. Now, wherever our smartphones or media players go, we can get a bit of Irish in our ears.

Podcasts for Learning About Irish History, Culture and Tourism

Here are ten podcasts to get you started:

  1. Celtic Myth Podshow: Dipping into Ireland’s magical past, the Celtic Myth Podshow delivers a bit of audio theater where the Ancient Celts’ enchanted stories play out.
  1. ComhaltasLive: Recorded at Comhaltas events around the world, this podcast showcases some of Ireland’s traditional music, instruments and musicians.
  1. HistoryHub.ie: This series of lectures by UCD professor Michael Laffan covers the Irish Revolution covering Home Rule through the Irish Civil War.
  1. Irish and Celtic Music Podcast: The flagship of Celtic musician Marc Gunn’s podcast library, this show fills your ears with a diverse range of music with an Irish and Celtic influence.
  1. Irish Fireside: A place to grab a cozy fireside seat, this podcast features stories, advice, and information about Irish travel and culture.
  1. Irish Hedgerow History Lessons: One of several podcasts from the Irish Roots Café, this one carries on the tradition of oral history. Other Irish Roots Café podcasts cover geneaology and Irish-American history. *For iPhone users
  1. Irish History Podcast: Join Finn on a romp through Ireland’s most ancient history with stories of heroes, battles, saints, and the island’s notorious feuding clans.
  1. One Minute Irish: Covering the most basic Irish words and phrases, this series of longer-than-a-minute episodes will have you speaking a wee bit of Irish in no time.
  1. Abarta Audio Guides: Immerse yourself in Irish history with downloads to your Mp3 player or mobile phones.
  1. UCD Scholarcast: Emphasizing Irish popular culture, this series of lectures glide through various points in Irish history.

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