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Win a copy of “Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland”, by Christy Nicholas

“Ask and you will receive” – that’s something my mother would always say to me when I was younger, but I don’t think it applied very often when I asked her for something πŸ™‚

But…it did work a few days ago. I posted a message to Facebook that I was looking for an Irish-themed item to use as a giveaway for the fine people who read this blog. Lo and behold, within 5 minutes I had a message with an offer.

Compliments of Tirgearr Publishing I have an e-copy of Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland by Christy Nicholas to give away to one lucky reader. While reading this book Christy says that you will join her on “a journey through the mists of legend, into the hidden places of mystery.” Besides immersing yourself in Irish legends and myths, this e-book also offers up practical Ireland trip planning info, including places to visit, and budgeting tips.

How to win

To be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment below. If you have a favorite mythical, magical or mystical place or character in Irish folklore, why not share it with us. If not, no worries, all comments will be entered in to the drawing.
You have until Monday evening (July 22nd Irish time) to enter to win, so don’t procrastinate. A winner will be chosen at random, and notified via email. They will then have the option of choosing their e-book format from the formats listed at the link above.
Good luck!

Winner details!

There was an overwhelming response to this giveaway – 80+ entries. Thank you to everyone who entered, and a special thank you to Christy (author) and everyone at Tirgearr Publishing. I will be announcing another book giveaway soon, so please make sure you’re on the email list, or check the site again soon.

And the winner is…. Cynthia Stinson! Congrats!


  1. Heading to Ireland in about 40 days!

  2. St. Brigid… she is my own beloved saint, and while she was real, in spite of what some say, there are also her supposed links to the pagan goddess Brigid. There are innumerable places in Ireland that she is linked with, as the saint traveled all over the island to bring the word of Christianity to the people, and I hope to visit her well in County Kildare… but any of the wells of the Irish saints are holy and mystical, and in visiting Glendalough, the monastic site of St. Kevin, I can honestly say that there is “something” there… it was wondrous…folklore or no, it was just wondrous..

  3. I’m a Welsh-Irish kid (41 years young), lost in translation aspiring to visit the homes of my family in Cardiff (England) and Londonderry (Ireland). Would really like the read. Cheers!

    As for ‘tales’…Gancanagh. πŸ˜‰

  4. During the summer of 2006, we rented a farmhouse in Ard Patrick and always had the feeling we were being watched whenever we walked into the dining room or kitchen. By mid week everyone at the local pub knew who we were and one night the owner asked how we were getting on with the banshee. As we described our experience, he just smiled and wished us luck. On our last day, the owner stopped by to say good bye and when I asked her about the banshee she just smiled and stated that if we had no problems, she must have enjoyed us staying there!

  5. Caroline Fogarty

    Glendalough and Newgrange – two mythical, magical and inspiring locations…

  6. Rosetta Jastrem


  7. I love all the old stories and it would be impossible for me to pick just one magical place…

  8. Will be my pleasure to win this book.

  9. Plan on visiting Ireland next year. Can’t wait!

  10. I retire next week. This would be a great “first read”.

  11. Heather "Snooze" Hamilton

    Gotta love The Dagda – I like Carl McColman and Kathryn Hinds description from their book on the Celtic pantheon as a cross between Santa Claus and Jerry Garcia ;0)

  12. Aren’t all the the magical, myths and folklore great!

  13. Tammey Kemper-Jeanneret


  14. I would love to win this… it would be a wonderful gift for my mother (73 years young) as she is the last of her line. Her father was born in Ireland, immigrated here to the US when he was a lad. Her mother was conceived in Ireland nad born here in the US. Wining this and being able to give it to her….I would cherish the look on her face forever!
    thank yuo!

  15. This would be a great addition to my collection. Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  16. I would treasure this book, I’ve been following all of Ireland’s sites here on FB and find it is absolutely breaktakingly beautiful, magical, and mysterious…

  17. Christy is an extremely talented writer. I would love to own her book. I love the detail and thought that went into writingthis book!

  18. There’s just something about the Irish!

  19. Michael Connolly

    I have this great picture of Glendalough on an early winter morning. Frost covered gravestones with a thick mist. Seems like you are swept away to ancient times. I wrote an article about it on the Irish Fireside once uppon a time.

  20. I just love exploring all the mystery of Ireland!! I hope to get there one day as most of my family originally comes from there.

  21. I like all the natural health ing methods weather folklore or not!

  22. I’m the author – don’t pick me! :). I just want to say hello to everyone. To whomever the winner is, I hope you enjoy it well!

    • Hi Christy
      Thanks for setting this up. It’ll make such a nice gift for anyone going to Ireland soon, are even dreaming of going. I’m sure you’re first hand experiences will prove very valuable to someone.


  23. Back in 1995 I was visiting Ireland with my Irish boyfriend and his family. I was living in London and I never thought Ireland would mean so much to me until that one afternoon. My friends were at a pub in Dingle but I decided to take a walk. I dont know where exactly I was, but I look at a house by a lake and then it hits me. I never felt like this way before. It was nothing like “deja vu”. It was bigger than that. It felt like coming home. You see, IΒ΄m Brazilian, but I felt I have already lived there. It was such a magical moment that it amazes me until now. After that episode I feel so passionate about Ireland that I wish I could live there <3

  24. Leap castle! Beautiful place and extremely interesting history.

  25. Cynthia Stinson

    We visited Ireland last month from the States. My 16 year old daughter fell in love with the idea of exploring old ruins, castles, cemeteries and other mystical & magical places. Her highlights: the rock close at Blarney Castle, Caherconnell Stone Fort (she wants to come back to do their archeological field school!), Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, Queen Maeve’s tomb at the top of Knocknarea (yes, we climbed it!), the Giant’s Causeway, and Newgrange. She is now planning to do her school graduation research project on the ancient tombs and burial sites of Ireland. How awesome that she will have her own photos to use!

  26. Sheila Fitzpatrick

    I’d love this…to see where to go next year when I visit Ireland!

  27. I never realized when I said that someone was screaming like a banshee , that I was talking about an Irish mythical creature !

  28. My grandpa was born in County Down, NI. I’d love to be able to see the Silent Valley & the Mountains of Mourne. I’d love to walk the ground my ancestors walked. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that except in daydreams so the book should go to someone who can enjoy all of it. I also know nothing abt ebooks. I have a PC & an iPhone. Don’t know if those would work. I just felt compelled to leave a comment. It’s difficult to choose one particular response. I think I’ll just go with Grace O’Malley (in all of the varied spellings). A real woman who did / achieved many incredible things! The “pirate queen” should inspire all women to be fearless & to pursue their dreams no matter what they are.

  29. I really love Ireland and am a bit Irish too. It’s a beautiful place, and one day I hope to visit it!

  30. Leenane for me is magical. It is a lovely little village on the Killary harbour in Connemara. You arrive + don’t want to leave. The faeries must have something to do with it πŸ˜‰

  31. I’m very interested in information of the Miracles at Knock. Hoping to visit.

  32. Heading to the Emerald Isle in 39 days! Second trip hoping to visit some lesser known sites.

  33. My husband and I are planning our 25th Anniversary trip to Ireland

  34. I am lucky in that I’ve always been made very aware of my Irish heritage, but then with a surname like Malloy, it’s pretty obvious! But truly, I always was fiercely proud of my Irish heritage and always will be. I’ve always loved all things Irish and feel incredibly drawn to the music, the stories, the accent, you get the idea.

    I have not been to Ireland yet, but I am going to go, one of these days. There’s definitely a pull that I’ve always felt, like someone saying “come back”

    I would love to visit Killeedy to honor St. Ita, my own patron saint. πŸ™‚

  35. Every place I have visited in Ireland…and all of the places I hope to either visit or revisit…are magical. Glenveagh Castle and grounds jump to the forefront of my fondest memories. The beauty, the solitude, the peace and tranquility and the glorious surroundings combine to burn this place into your memory.

  36. Last Spring my son and I visited the stone cairn where Queen Maeve is buried in all her glory. This is truly a mystical place. Wherever you go around Sligo, she seems to be watching you.

  37. My favorite mystical place was Newgrange. You can just feel the cosmic powers and the fact it is older than the pyramids gives one pause. What a marvelous feat of engineering and craftsmanship. I felt connected to my ancestors when I visited the site.

  38. How could I choose just one?

  39. Ms. Micheal Hodge

    What an awesome topic to write about! My dream is to explore as much of Ireland that I can someday! Ireland is definitely a place of dreams and fantasy! πŸ™‚

  40. Spending summers in Leitrim with my Grandma were magical. Running through the fields with a couple of dogs, watching men saw the turf and load it on a cart pulled by a donkey or horse, fetching water from the well, the smell of the turf fire in the small kitchen and the lowing of the calves every morning as they called for their breakfast….I remember every minute of the time I spent there. I will return again next year for the first time in 25 years to introduce my son and daughter to the land that holds my heart.

  41. I guess it has all been said. Suffice to say,my emotions for Ireland are overwhelming

  42. Eilish Fitzgerald


  43. I too, was enchanted with the story of Queen Maeve. Enjoyed Slingo and totally fell in love with Galway. Still waiting to return some day

  44. There are a lot of gaping holes in the history of my family. We are planning a trip for next year and would surely welcome any tools that might help with that!

  45. This book would work wonders when it comes time learning the myths and legends of the only place my heart calls home. To finally understand so many references to places and things that I read on the pages I get on Facebook, would only multiply the love I feel for a land where I came from and long to go to.

  46. Being as my Great Grandparents were from Ireland, I would love to have this for family history. πŸ™‚

  47. Jennifer Munster

    I am hoping to find a new favorite place when I tour the wild west of Ireland in September. My favorite place from my first trip was Killarney National Park. In truth, I loved everything while I was there – the magic, the people, the beauty.

  48. I love reading about the magic of Ireland. I wold love to read this, too.

  49. Leprechauns & the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  50. I would love to win the e-book

  51. I would be honored to win this. Ireland is my heart and soul. Will be the on a pilgrimage next year and can not wait!
    My fave folklore is of the Changlings. I was such a trouble-maker when I was younger (well, I still am now!, Mother use to say that I must have been switched at birth by a Changling.

    When a mother finds a scrawny, ill-tempered, foul-mouthed yellow-faced little man in the cradle, she knows instantly that the fairies have traded her boy for this thing. The dwarfed form and irritable manner convince some that the creature is actually a child, but a smart mother knows that a fairy changeling has entered her home.
    Each fairy changeling has a distinctive personality; but ugliness and an ill temper are generic traits. Fairies, in their immortal perfection, are repulsed by these creatures with their restless, coal-burnt eyes, puckered features and textured skin; that is why they eject them from their lands. The fairy changeling’s whines, yowls, screeches and cries are so irritating to humans that we immediately want to remove them from ours!

    Before they live a year in our world, they grow a full mouth of teeth; their hands are like claws, their legs no thicker than chicken bones. No matter how much food they devour, they still want more, yet remain runty as ever. After a farmer labors to feed the fairy changeling’s appetite, little remains for the rest of the family.

    A family whose son or daughter is abducted may receive as a substitute a sickly fairy child or a log of wood bewitched to look like their own, which soon appears to sicken and die. They bury and mourn it, never realizing that their own child plucks flowers in fairyland. Yet despite their grief and ignorance, they are more fortunate to suffer such a loss than to have a fairy changeling pounding their floors and raiding their cupboards.

    Placing a set of bagpipes by the cradle is a sure test to discover whether the child is fairy. No changeling can resist them. Soon fairy music spills out of the house and into the village, paralyzing with joy all those who hear the sounds.

    Boiling egg shells is another way of detecting. A mother boils egg shells in front of the suspected child. In an old man’s voice, the changeling will cackle with laughter at the notion of making dinner from egg shells.

    To dispose of changelings masking as mortals, there are two time-tested methods recommended: (1) heat a red-hot shovel, shovel the fairy up and cast him onto a dungheap or into a chimney fire and (2) force foxglove tea down his throat and wait until it burns out his intestines. Amazingly, no matter how brutal the punishment of the fairy the original child always returns unscathed.

  52. James Montgomery

    The Hill of Uisneach – the centre of Ireland

  53. My favourite place in Ireland has to be the Hill of Tara in the Gabhra Valley – there are more myths and legends connected with this Seat of the High Kings in Erin than almost any other place! The Stone of Desting, the Lia Faill stands there now (apparently) and it is said that the Kings of Ireland have been crowned there since before the time of Lugh the Long-handed! Great stuff! πŸ™‚

  54. Emily Elmlinger

    Heading to Ireland next year! I cannot wait!

  55. My favorite mystical place is Cashelkeelty stone circle, in County Kerry. To get there I needed to cross a magical forest, soft and boggy underfoot, with beautiful trees and water streams. After jumping some fences and walking for a lot of time, I finally found this beautiful old stone circle almost on the top of the mountain, with an amazing view of Kerry. I felt really connected to that place and I felt the wisdom passed through ancestral generations to the present day standing in those stones. It was a great experience!

  56. Lough crew cairns… A magical place and so few people know about it!

  57. st johns well, minard co Kerry, a unique horse-shoe shaped well, a great place to chill and divine with the elementals.

  58. Hi Liam!! This looks & sounds like a must have book for those of us planning our ‘Maiden Journey’ home to Ireland!! My daughter and I are not doing a tradition ‘Tour’. We want to maybe rent a car and just find our way to some of the hidden gems of Erin. I have been planning & researching now for a couple years and am going to put together our own little Travels Notebook πŸ™‚ Even if I am not the winner of your awesome contest, I will jump over to Amazon in the near future and see if I can order us a copy. Have a Great Night and a wonderful Sunday Liam! Thanks for the entry!! Good Luck everyone!!

  59. I am so excited to learn of Christy’s book, as I’ve been exploring the myths, magic, and mystics of Ireland ever since I visited 6 years ago and fell in love with Eire. The ancients, the Tuatha de Danann, intrigue me the most and I love all stories of them. I’d be enjoyin a search for fairy circles my next visit to the Emerald Isle. Thank you for this opportunity to win this book!

  60. What a wonderful book to own

  61. Newgrange……………what more do you want?

  62. The Cliffs of Moher are amazing

  63. looking forward to studying heritage studies in september in Galway,but my favourite spot in Ireland at the moment has to be the rock of dunamase,a great 360 view in the ruins of a beautiful castle despite cromwell’s attacks!definatly worth a visit if you haven’t seen it yet!

  64. My heart lies deep within the soil and the peoples. There is some deep connection for me there that goes beyond an explanation or what I like about Ireland. The fragrance of the land, the sweet kindness of the citizens, the generosity of how the people rose beyond their limitations in troubled times, the folklore, the dwellings, the shopkeepers and their wares, the places to poke into with my curiosity; all this serves to feed that deep love for Ireland.

  65. I’ll be holidaying in Ireland next week!!! πŸ™‚

  66. The Salmon of Knowledge I recently learned of this story and I have become obsessed with finding all I can about it.

  67. Don’t have a favorite yet but I’m sure I’ll find one in the book and if not, I’ll have to wait two more years and then my kids and I are moving to Ireland. We’ll go on mystical quests πŸ˜‰

  68. Kathryn Schoening

    For the giveaway πŸ™‚

  69. I listened raptly to so many of my grandparent’s tales, I’d love to win a copy!

  70. Went to Ireland last year. 10 days is definitely not enough time to see everything. But if you want to see a wondrous place, go to Clonmacnoise.
    It was truly an amazing site, with it’s giant Celtic crosses.

  71. My favorites are Boann and Dagda.

  72. I am not getting any younger, but then again none of us are! But I would REALLY love to win!

  73. I am Irish & Scottish. My mom is Irish and my dad’s side of the family is Irish & Scottish. Don’t let my last name fool you. I am not English. I live in California and I have never been to Ireland, but I hope to some day. This look like a great book to read. Thank you for the chance to win it. πŸ™‚ Francine

    Oh I think it is funny, even though I am Irish, my mom gave me a French name. πŸ™‚

  74. Love being Irish!

  75. I have always been fascinated by the Mystical legends of Ireland. The Goddess DANU and Tuatha DΓ© Danann. Perhaps that is where the Irish got their touch of Magic? Or maybe they all are born with that touch of the Blarney Stone in their souls.

  76. I had an uncle who was losing his battle with cancer and his favorite place in the world was The Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. I was never a good flyer, but Ireland was always the first place I wanted to go as I am extremely proud of my heritage. One day I’ll get there, I said. And his exact words to me were, “Jennifer, life is too short. You need to go.” After hearing those words from him it didn’t take me long to decide that I was going! And the first place on my list? The Cliffs. And from there to Our Lady of Knock to get some holy water for my uncle. Sadly he passed away a few weeks before my trip. But I will never forget his words to me. That trip to Ireland was magical. It’s been six years since I went but I still miss it like I left yesterday. I long to get back there and believe me, I will!

  77. I am leaving for Ireland on August 29 and plan on spending 12 wonderful days with my son and daughter-in-law. We plan on spending time in Dromahair and visiting the “hidden gems” in that area where the O’Rourkes’ had their beginnings! “A Guide to Hidden Ireland” is right up my alley because, while I love seeing the normal tourist attractions and scenic areas, I love to find these hidden gems in any location! That’s what makes them special!

  78. Elizabeth Flynn

    I would LOVE to read this! Am headed to Co. Tipperary in less than three weeks, and am so excited to be returning for The Gathering. I haven’t been able to come back since 1985!

  79. My favorite is the Blarney Stone

  80. An entry via Twitter for Nacho Franch

  81. An entry via Facebook for Kathy Lansman Young

  82. I take deep pride in my heritage. I can not get enough. Luck Of The Irish would have it, that One of my Sons was born on St. Pattys Day, in 01′. So, with that we are fortunate enough to have a lil’ Irishman born on St. Pattys Day. He loves it. I mean, talk about lucky…I thoroughly enjoy reading and drawing, always consisting of The Emerald Aisle. It would be an honour to add a “True Book” of History, Fun and Knowledge, to the Family Collection. Good Luck To All! Thankyou!

  83. The whole of Γ‰ire is magical and mystical according to my opinion! But should I point out one place in particular, it must be Sceilig MhichΓ­l (Skellig Michael), a well-preserved monastic outpost of the Early Christian period.

  84. I ache to visit my ancestors land. There has been a force pulling me since my teens and I may finally get the chance in 2014 if the gods are willing.

  85. It would be great to read about Ireland’s hidden treasures!

  86. I LOVE traveling in IRELAND. I anticipate that this book has some brilliant insight on off-beat places in the country. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  87. children of lir love it and it creep me out at the same time now my little girls are find out all the folklore and i am too all over again

  88. would love this as im from the aran islands