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A unique view of the beautiful Aran Islands in video – you’ll fall in love

Aran Islands

The Aran Islands (image credit: Flickr user scarto)

Ever since Sophie Moss sent me the first draft of her article for how the Aran Islands inspired her to write her 3 part series, I have grown a little fixated with the islands. YouTube video after YouTube video has been watched and rewatched. I’ve read personal accounts from recent visitors and long time residents of the islands. It’s amazing how whether it’s a first time visitor to the islands or someone who has lived there all their life, the Aran Islands truly do draw people in.

If you’ve never been to the Aran Islands, I guess you may wonder what all the fuss is about. A group of small islands off Ireland’s Atlantic coast is how they appear on a map. But in person, or in picture, their beauty and attraction just jump out at you. I’ve decided to share the video below (not one of mine), to give people a glimpse into what these picture-perfect islands are really like. From the unassuming people to the largely untouched landscape. The old thatched farmhouses to the free-spirited island animals. From the miles and miles of stone wall that crisscross the islands to the old ruined churches. It has a little bit of everything that you’ll need to fall in love with Ireland’s most famous islands…


  1. It truely is a magical place. We were there for only 3 days but could have easily spent a week. The history there is ancient and the landscape phenomenal.

  2. What a gorgeous video. Thank you for sharing it. I wish I could hop on a plane and be there by sunset! And thx for the shout out about my story. 🙂 If you’re getting into the islands, you should look into Inishbofin. That was, hands down, my favorite place in all of Ireland. Spent a week there and completely fell in love with it. Have you been? It’s over ten years since I was there and I know it’s changed a lot–added a fancy new resort, etc. Of course, I’m dying to go back and stay there!

    • Hey Sophie,

      It’s been years and years since I’ve been there. Maybe 20 or so. I remember we went on holidays to Galway as kids, and we went over for a day or so. I probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I would now 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the video, and got a chance to reminisce. YouTube’s a wonderful place 🙂