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Irish recipe competition – get your entry in now!

An Irish Stew

An Irish Stew

Do your kids get even with the neighborhood bully by inviting him over for dinner? Does your partner refer to the smoke detector as the oven timer? Have you ever burned the house down trying to make jelly? If you answered no to these questions, then read on…

The short version…
If you send me an your Irish recipe using the email address below, following the few simple guidelines below, and if your recipe appeals to me more than the others I receive, you may win a prize 🙂

The long version…

Irish Recipe Competition

I’m hosting an Irish recipe competition and I would love for you to take part. The competition is open to cooks, chefs, bakers etc everywhere, who would like to share a personalized Irish recipe on this website. The recipe can be anything you like to make e.g. an Irish stew, Soda raisin bread, fish and chips, soups, desserts etc, but must be Irish themed, and must be your own creation.

The Prize

The amount and number of prizes will be determined by the number of recipes I receive.
If only one entry is received, that person will win a $25 Amazon.com gift card. For two to five entrants received, there will be a winning prize of a $25 Amazon.com gift card, and a runner prize of a $10 Amazon.com gift card. If I receive 6 or more entries I will increase the winning prize to a $50 Amazon.com gift card and give away 2 $10 runner-up Amazon.com gift cards. So share this info with your friends, and submit as many entries as you wish.

Rules/Guidelines of the contest

There are a few rules & guidelines to follow. None too strict as I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂
1. As mentioned above, the recipe must be your own creation. Any entries taken directly from books/websites will unfortunately have to be disqualified.
2. The recipe details have to be complete i.e. ingredients, cook time, prep, oven temperatures etc
3. Each entry has to include at least 2 photographs. These can be of the cooking process, the ingredients, the finished product, yourself in your apron etc. Step-by-step photographs to accompany the recipe-making process are also welcome.
4. Entries (including photos) that meet the rules/guidelines of the contest may be published on this website. By submitting your entry, you are giving me permission to publish your recipe for all to enjoy.
5. Have fun with your entry. Be as descriptive as you like e.g add a little bit of background about the recipe (was it a family recipe handed down through generations or did you just whip it up right now etc), or give some insider tips on how to perfect the final product.
6. Winners will be notified by email and here on this page, and the judge’s decision is final. The prizes will be delivered by e-gift card, via email.
7. There’s no number 7. That wasn’t so bad now, was it!

How to enter

Send your Irish recipe to (competition now closed) no later than Friday 26th April. Entries are preferably received in MS Word format, but are acceptable directly in the email itself. Please attach your photos to the email.
Enter as many times as you like, but please send one email per recipe.

How will the winner be decided, and when

A very un-scientific method of competition judging will be used to determine the winner, but attention will be paid to originality, photos, Irish-ness and creativity.
The winner(s) will be notified April 30th. Get cooking!

Good luck!

***Update***    Winners!

Unfortunately I did not receive the 6 recipes I needed to push the prize up to the $50 mark, but what may be lacking in quantity is more than made up for in quality.

I received 3 wonderful Irish-themed recipes 🙂 The runner-up recipe was sent in by Elizabeth Dunne of Co. Kilkenny. Elizabeth actually sent in a 2 part recipe – a delicious Irish brown bread recipe, and a Butternut squash soup to go along with it. I just wish I could have it for lunch tomorrow!

The winning recipe was sent in by Jennifer Daly. Jen and Erin’s Chicken and Cabbage Recipe was just so creative and original, and I love how they made it at their campsite. I hope some of you will try it and let me know how it went.

Thank you to all who took part. You can see all the entries here. Even though the competition is now closed, I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share an Irish recipe on this blog. So get in touch…

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