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How Do I Call Ireland From Abroad – Phone Travel Tips Part 2

Congratulations! You’ve booked your flights to Ireland, and now you’re looking for places to go, things to see, and somewhere to stay. You may need to make a call or 2 across the pond, or up from down under, to get some details straightened out. You may have found a number you wish to call, you may even have tried it, and it’s not quite working. So you’ve found yourself asking “How Do I Call Ireland From Abroad”. Never fear…

Irish Area Codes
Most standard Irish area codes begin with the number zero – e.g. 01 for Dublin, 021 for Cork, 087 for most mobile numbers etc. When you call a number in Ireland, you need to drop this zero.

How Do I Call Ireland From Abroad – an example
So let’s say you’re calling from New York, and you want to know how to dial a Dublin number, e.g. 01-1234567. You would simply dial your out of country code (011 in the case of the USA), followed by the Ireland prefix (353), followed by the Dublin area code minus the zero. So it would be: 011-353-1-1234567, or for a similar Cork number, 011-353-21-1234567.
Simple eh!

You may want to avoid calling Irish cellphone numbers from abroad. Find out why, in tip #2, in part 1 of this Phone Travel Tips series.

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