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Viking Re-enactments in Ireland

Glencar Waterfall, viking re-enactments

Glencar Waterfall (image courtesy of Viking Lady Aine)

After sharing my recent post about Ben Bulben on Twitter, I got some replies back from people with pictures and stories of their own visit to Ben Bulben. One of those replies was from Anne, who authors a new blog I recently stumbled on. Anne’s blog, Viking Lady Aine, is pretty unique. Well at least it’s a first for me. You see, it’s primarily dedicated to Viking re-enactments in Ireland. Cool eh!

In one of Anne’s more recent posts you’ll find a pretty good description of how these re-enactments take place, and the pictures she included will give you a good idea of how the whole thing looks, and plays out. They seem to have some pretty feisty battles!
In another post, you can learn the art of ‘Nalbinding‘. If you don’t know what that is, Anne translates it as “viking looped knitting”. Her detailed description and photos will have you on your way, making Viking-era clothing and textile designs in no time.

But what’s all this got to do with Ben Bulben? Well, just around the same time as I published my post on Sligo’s famous mountain, Anne posted some pictures of it also. She had visited the nearby Glencar Waterfall in Co. Leitrim, and taken some photos of the mountain from that perspective. She even let me borrow the picture above, of Glencar Waterfall, for this post 🙂

If you have a few minutes to spare, I recommend hopping on over to Anne’s blog. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenic photos she posts, and who know’s; Viking re-enactments may be your thing too!