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Build your Irish road trip with MyDiscoverIreland

MyDiscoverIreland is a new website that travellers can use to plan their road trips. The free trip planner helps travellers to personalise their road trips in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland with the benefits of finding the tourist hotspots include cultural attractions, museums, outdoor attractions, historic hotpots and scenic areas on either side of the direct route.

MyDiscoverIreland Trip Planner

MyDiscoverIreland Trip Planner

MyDiscoverIreland is different to other route planners, with normal route planners directing tourists along the A – B routes. MyDiscoverIreland will display attractions & places that they may be driving by. This opens up opportunities to break up the journey and find the hidden treasures nearby such as Bantry House & Gardens

irish road trip

Bantry House

Many attractions come with photographs to browse to give the user an idea and decide whether they want to visit there, and add it to their selected route.

Those that have images, there will be a maximum of four images to browse through.

One of the perks of MyDiscoverIreland is the flexibility to build a self-touring road trip by personalising with their preferences and drive at their own pace without a price.

Those who are coming to visit “The Gathering 2013” will be able to take advantage of MyDiscoverIreland and build road trips around Gathering events! A year-long events & festivals and with over 3000 Gathering events nationwide in Ireland, travellers going from Shannon to Donegal could use MyDiscoverIreland to find tourist places to drop by on their way to a Gathering event.

Built with usability in mind, it is easy to share and show the route plans with friends & family by emailing the route details to them or even share the plans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The trip results can be printed out on paper to use as a guide when driving in Ireland or even discuss over coffee with friends!

Example shared route: http://www.mydiscoverireland.com/NTMwMA

MyDiscoverIreland will generate A to B journey, complete with driving directions, estimated fuel cost per trip, distances in KM/Miles and duration, to print out.

A mobile app is on the agenda to be built and provide access via mobile & tablet devices with an ease.

This guest post was submitted by Lianne Murphy for MyDiscoverIreland