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Another way to save some money while in Ireland

A quick follow up to my previous post about things to do in Ireland for the Gathering 2013. In that post I gave you some tips on what to do, and highlighted some of the better online resources to help you find great activities while inIreland next year. I also gave you a link to a coupon site that gives discounts on entrance fees to many of the well known attractions aroundIreland. Like I said in that post, it’s the 2012 coupon booklet, but they may create one for 2013 too. If they do I’ll be sure to let you know. But that got me thinking, there has got to be other coupon options…

Then I remembered Groupon Ireland. A lot of you may already be familiar with Groupon and use them in your home city. They have certainly made the online coupon market their own.

Companies like Groupon really came along at the right time (if only I had thought to buy a few shares in these types of companies a few years back haha). These long lasting recessions have really given us cause to hunt for a deal. Forking out large chunks of cash on unnecessary luxuries might be a thing of the past (at least for a while), but at the same time I suppose many of us have gotten used to living the good life J and want to cling on to it for as long as possible.

Well what do they have to offer tourists you might ask? Take a look at their travel voucher section. They have everything from holidays to transport to accommodation. Restaurant deals are plentiful too. So, too, are tours and shopping deals. They even have last minute flights. Perfect for the bargain-hunting holidaymaker in 2013. Enjoy!