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Win Bitesize Irish Gaelic, and Learn to Speak Irish

learn to speak irish

Win Bitesize Irish Gaelic

I have another fabulous prize for you to try to win, and this time it’s from the kind folks at Bitesize Irish Gaelic, an Irish language-learning company based in Limerick, Ireland. They have kindly given me a copy of their new downloadable album, so that one lucky winner can learn to speak Irish.

The album “Learn Irish With Eoin” is a new way to learn Irish (Gaelic) recorded by Eoin – a native Irish speaker who explains the concepts to you in English.

The album is just over 2 hours long and is available via download-only. There are 16 tracks in total, including:
– The two words you need to start a conversation in Irish
– Count from 1 to 10
– Say where you are from
– Everyday phrases for Irish (Gaelic) conversation

So what do you have to do to win?

All you have to do to enter to win is simply leave a comment below. Any comment will do, but if you already know a few words of Irish, why not start a little conversation with us. Or if you have a reason why you’d love to learn to speak Irish, tell us that!

Your last chance to enter is Friday 14th December at midnight, and the winner will be notified by email, and here on this blog, soon after.

If you are not the lucky winner, “Learn Irish With Eoin” is available from both iTunes and Amazon. Alternatively you can head right on over to http://www.bitesizeirishgaelic.com/ and sign up for a no-obligation free trial of their program.

Good luck!

We Have A Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. The lucky winner, drawn randomly from the 34 entries, is: Barry Parsons. Congrats!

Thank you too to Bitesize Irish Gaelic. If you are interested in learning some Irish, they certainly are one of your better options.

Stay in touch for more giveaways.


  1. Is é mo chroí ar mhian a fhoghlaim gaeilge

  2. Mindy Bennett-Mcandrew

    Love to learn Gaelic. Irish blood Canadian born. Love to learn this beautiful language of my great grandfather and ancestors. Sláinte!

  3. This would be a really great prize to win. It would be a lot of fun at next years Irish festival.

  4. I really want to learn Irish Gaelic!! I don’t know much, but my license plates say Grasta (sorry about the lack of accent mark!).

  5. I would say something in Irish, but the only phrase I know is not for polite company 😉

  6. I would love to learn gaelic!

  7. Gina Foresythe-Stewart

    I’m Scottish/Irish would love to learn to speak Irish Gaelic…I can only say Erin Go Bragh!!!

  8. I have wanted to learn Irish more than anything for YEARS! There are no good resources where I live and Rosetta Stone is too expensive. I would LOVE to win this, it would make my year!

  9. While tracing family heritage, we have discovered and confirmed 3000 names in our tree. We have discovered that we are descendants of Irish immigrants and a portion of the family still live in Kilkenny and Killarney Ireland. We have traced our roots of Cherokee (Eastern band) and some of the family is learning the Cherokee language. My mother just last year was recognized by the Cherokee Nation and will be documented this year. My uncle found the families in Ireland and plans a trip there in a few years. I’d love to learn both languages as to help keep family heritage and traditions alive.

  10. Suzanne kelly Polito

    Love your FB page. Thanks for the funny posts

  11. Would love to learn Irish galic. Have struggled on my own for awhile . Would be great to learn from a native.

  12. I think I should win so that I can learn the language, get a teaching job in Ireland, & be able to move there with my family. It would be a dream come true!! 🙂

  13. Would love to learn Irish…finally…and have my young son Declan grow up knowing the language as well. Thanks!

  14. Cead Mille Failte to all! If I got that wrong I’m blaming auto correct – and my reluctance to open my door in frigid temperatures to read my doorknocker. Auto correct tried to put door knicker. lol My grandfather was born in Kilkeel, County Down. I’d love to learn to speak a little Gaelic! Who of Gaelic blood wouldn’t? 🙂 My Certificate of Irish Heritage is on its way to me. Very proud! I confess though that if I were judging I would pick one of the previous posters that I was impressed by. I don’t think I should say who. 😉 Slainte & Erin Go Bragh! My grandpa is probably turning in his grave at my pathetic attempts – but he’d appreciate that I tried. lol

  15. Don’t know much Gaelic, but one word I use often is Slainte!

  16. Both my grandparents on my father’s side were born in Co. Cavan, and spoke the Irish to my dad and his siblings, but he never retained any of it. I would love to learn so I can bring that part of our heritage back into the family and teach my kids.

  17. shannon kovalovsky

    Beautiful language would love to learn it. I have already tried the free lessons by bitsize and found them to be fabulous.

  18. I spent an entire month in Ireland this past June and I fell in love with it. Everything about that place is enchanting. I learned a lot about myself while I was there and I’ve continued to learn more because I went. I love language and the ways that all languages have something that ties them together. I would love to know Gaelic and its history and how it manages to survive after all it has been through.

  19. Dia dhuit! Conas a tá tu? Lysana is ainm dom. And since that’s the best I can do as gaeilge, you can understand my desire to get that prize! 🙂

  20. I would love to learn to speak Irish because Ireland is the home I’ve never seen.

  21. I would love to learn to speak Irish always have loved languages my niece and I hope to one day travel to Ireland.

  22. Madalyn Herlihy-McLean

    I have been working hard to gather my ancestry. All four of my grandparents are from Ireland. I have traced my mother’s side to County Kerry Sneem and have learned so much about my family. I would love to learn Gaelic. It would help to complete my journey. Anyone who wins this prize will be happy.

  23. Beidh, go raibh maith agat!!!
    Learning tiny bits of Irish from my 12 year old but would really love to learn more!! And since my life and work revolves around Ireland….well, it would be really handy.
    Thanks so much for considering me:)

  24. “Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Béarla cliste” – but Gaeilge chliste would be better! Nollaig shona to everyone. That’s me!

  25. I would love to learn to speak Irish. Thank you! 🙂

  26. aithnionn ciarog, ciarog eile! Sílim go bhfuil an rud is fearr fhoghlaim mé riamh i nGaeilge. Ba mhaith liom grá a bhuaigh an duais mar ba mhaith liom feabhas a chur ar mo chuid Gaeilge, go háirithe mo fuaimniú na bhfocal. Nollaig Shona agus athbhliain faoi mhaise

  27. Is Fearr Gaeilge Bhriste na Bearla cliste
    Broken Irish is better than clever English

    Would love to learn more than a phrase or two that I pick up when I go visit my Da in Galway.

  28. I’m planning on taking a trip to Ireland and would love to learn the language so I can surprise some friends I have that live there!

  29. Good luck to every one.hope its me.

  30. I am of Irish descent and dream of going to Ireland to trace my roots. Until then, I am trying to learn all that I can about the country and its people.

  31. Erin go bragh! (I hope I spelled that right?) 🙂 My Mother’s side of the family has some Irish. We splurged on a Wild West Irish Tour in September and fell completely in love with Western Ireland!

  32. Another Son of Erin’s great Diaspora. Family hails from the predominant Irish neighborhood here in Buffalo, NY. Ironically in the old neighborhood the street signs are in Irish & English, which peaked the interest of my daughter. Being a member of the Diaspora, the affinity for Ireland, and everything Irish is more endearing it seems. A longing for those distant shores our relatives left so long ago. I have enjoyed slowly teaching my son (5) and daughter (9), (Conor and Kelsey), some Gaelic thanks to TG4 Cula 4. I enjoy learning our language.

  33. I love Ireland when I visited! Gorgeous country”

  34. I would love to learn Irish. I have family from Ireland coming to the states in a few months. It would be cool to be able to talk to them in their language