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Book of Kells for iPad – Beautiful 8th Century Celtic Artwork

© The Board of Trinity College Dublin

Nearly 700 pages of the famous Book of Kells manuscript, created by Celtic monks ca. 800AD, is now available on The Book of Kells for iPad App.

The creators of the app have captured the beautiful New Testament illustrations in digital form, giving the already famous book an opportunity to reach an even greater worldwide audience.

The unfinished manuscript which has resided in the Trinity College Library, since 1661, takes its name from the Abbey of Kells that was its home for centuries. Here you can find a full history of the origins and life of the Book of Kells.

Planning a visit to see the Book of Kells in Dublin? Details and opening hours can be found here.

Below you can enjoy a few images from the The Book of Kells for iPad App. All images © The Board of Trinity College Dublin. You can download the The Book of Kells for iPad App from iTunes here The Book of Kells – Kells Technologies Ltd.


  1. Hi Liam, The timing on viewing the Book of Kells exhibit can vary greatly on the time of year one goes. As with most things the high travel times of the summer bring crowds, I went in January, the only person in the whole place, kind of eerie walking down the long stacks and viewing the ancient harp. It was nice to be able to partake of the exhibits and have time to appreciate their skillful beauty.

    • Brian

      I’d definitely be one for the off peak times myself. To enjoy something like this, you don’t need anyone stepping on your toes 🙂


  2. Liam – When I was studying at Trinity one of my friends was stopped by a tourist and asked if he knew where they keep “Kelly’s Book”. I must say Kelly’s Book is looking very good on the iPad app.