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Your Favorite Places In Ireland – Part 1

Recently I ran a short survey on the blog, and many of you kindly participated by sending in responses to the questions- Thank you! The questions I asked were:

Of all the places in Ireland you visited, what was your favorite?
What was so special about this place?

I really enjoyed reading your answers as they started rolling in, and I was not surprised to see that every corner of the country was well represented. You mentioned so many of my own favorites, and have given me a wonderful list of amazing places to visit.

I have compiled your answers and am sharing them to help people discover great new places to visit around Ireland. On many of the answers I have added some relevant links to pages with more information about the places you love.
So here we go…the first of a 3 part series. I hope you enjoy it.

Your favorite places in Ireland, and reasons why.

Dingle, Co. Kerry – “I loved the drizzly rain amidst the beautiful backdrop, and the sheep walking in the road. It felt very authentic.”
More info: DoDingle.com

Chester Beatty Library Dublin Castle – “It is a lovely place and from time to time they have nice activities there.”
More info: Chester Beatty Library on About.com

Connemara, Co. Galway – “I was astounded by the desolate beauty of the area around the village of Lenane.”
More info: Connemara National Park

Dublin – “the awesome, friendly, helpful, fun, People. Lots of history, beautiful scenery, mountains, sea, walks, parks, beaches, pubs. ‘Craic’. Got it all.”
More info: My recent trip to Dublin and experience with the Dublin Pass

Glenveagh National Park, Co. Donegal – “The pristine surroundings, the castle and tour is lovely and the grounds are stunning. The tea room is a nice spot…and there is a cafeteria as well…the museum is pleasant enough…there are bus rides into the castle grounds…or, on a nice day, you can walk the mile or two to the castle…bring a camera…”
More info: Glenveagh National Park

Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare – “The people…..and the fact that they only have approx. 400 residents and at least 6 pubs.”
More info: Ballyvaughan Tourism Ireland

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Co. Antrim – “The walk to the bridge is gorgeous, the Antrim Coastline is beautiful…crossing the Rope Bridge is exhilarating…the bridge is safe but undulates in a couple of directions dependent upon the weather/wind…it is first rate! Also Giant’s Causeway is nearby…”
More info: My top 5 Northern Ireland destinations.

Driving into Doolin, Co. Clare at dusk – “I would honestly be hard pressed to name my favorite place in Ireland but one of my favorite memories of my first trip was driving into Doolin. My brother and I had a long day of driving (day 13 of our trip) up the coast. We had explored so much on our way, including the Cliffs, and as I was driving over a small curved bridge into town, we were quickly and surpisingly approached by a man on a horse telling us to get over. There was a horse race coming at us. We pulled over to to the right of course, as about 7 men on horses raced past us headed the opposite way. It was quick, so charming and memorable. That night at one of the pubs in town we met a couple of the gents that were in that race. We heard so many stories from the locals that night, heard some great music and was one of our most memorable evenings in Ireland!”
More info: Video of the town of Doolin

Sceilig Mhichíl (Skellig Michael), Co. Kerry – “Couldn’t think of a more spectacular setting for a monastery. It also involves a boat trip and a hike (up 600+ steps), so it’s really a ‘complete’ experience for me!”
More info: Listen to the Skellig Michael podcast on Engaging Ireland. Read The Skelligs Project, by Eoghan Kavanagh and Evan Payne.

Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary – “Building, location, scenery, history, everything!”
More info: The Rock of Cashel on Heritage Ireland

Northwest Sligo – “So natural and unspoiled….mountains close to the sea….”
More info: Sligo tour specialists: Wild West Irish Tours

Parts 2 and 3

If you don’t see your survey answer above, be sure to check out part 2 and three of this series of posts.

And…if you missed your chance to answer the survey, you can of course still add your favorite place in Ireland, and the reason why, in the comments below.

Useful Travel Tip: If you’re going to be travelling the roads of Ireland be sure to bring along a GPS device (generally called a SATNAV in Ireland), or pick up a Comprehensive Ireland Road Atlas/Map here, before you go.


  1. I loved it all. I loved the Boyne and Knock as well Omagh, Northern Ireland, Galway, Kerry etc.

  2. So many wonderful places it is impossible to name the best one but The Glen Of Aherlow would be up there with the best.