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Add Your Suggestion: How Can The Irish Government, Businesses & People Make It Easier For You To Attend The Gathering 2013?

How Can We Make It Easier For People To Enjoy Places Like This In 2013?

I shared the above picture of the grounds of Charles Fort, Kinsale County Cork, on Facebook recently and somebody posted the following comment in response to it: “With Ireland’s push to get people to come and visit next year, I hope they do something to make the airfare more affordable. Between the airfare and rental car, a couple already is $4000 into their vacation fund.”

Ireland: The Gathering 2013

As you may already be aware The Gathering 2013 is an initiative to bring more visitors to Ireland next year, and according to their website it “has many stakeholders, partners and supporters, including Government departments, State bodies, local authorities, local development companies, private businesses, the global Irish community and the tourism industry. The initiative is also fully supported by Fรกilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland.” They give examples of how sports teams could invite foreign teams to come and play a game, businesses could host conferences in Ireland, and the Gathering goes a lot further than that by “inviting anyone with a connection to our country to come and visit”.

Your Suggestions

The comment I received on Facebook is a perfect example of how things could be made a little easier for Irish emigrants to return home in 2013, or for many of the millions of Irish descendants around the world, to make their dream trip to Ireland.

What I want to hear from you are more suggestions on how a trip to Ireland could be made easier for you to accomplish. Your suggestion could be to the Government of Ireland, businesses in Ireland, the people of Ireland, or to any other group that could impact your decision to travel to Ireland in 2013.
Let’s give them some ideas on how we can get home in 2013.

Please add your suggestion by leaving a comment below.


  1. Maryann McTeague Keifer

    Deals on air and car fares so we can get there and afford to travel around the island. we are planning on coming for a month depending on the airfares.

  2. One way to start would be to make it easier to rent a car. We don’t all have World Visa credit cards and therefore have to agree to have a $1,600 or so deposit on our credit cards. And the new twist (which happened to me in May) was that I could not use one credit card to pay the rental fee and a second card to place the hold (which I had done in the past).

    While I understand the risk involved for the car rental company in renting cars to drivers often coming from countries in which one drives on the other side of the road and the other side of the car, I think this policy makes it difficult for many to afford a rental car. And it’s unfortunate.

    Ok, rant over. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • A rant with a good cause ๐Ÿ™‚
      That policy is crazy! Maybe they’ve been burned badly in the past though. But that’s why I posted this – to hear what they could do for us – not themselves.

      More people on Twitter and Facebook have also mentioned the car rental situation and the cost of flights.

      I think they should create a pass similar to the Dublin Pass, but one that was good for tourist attractions all over the country. People who love rural Ireland (the West etc) don’t have much use for a pass to sites in Dublin City.

  3. Hi Liam,
    It would be nice to target off peak times for an event, maybe work out a corporative deal between air travel, accommodations, car rentals/insurance targeted in the spring, fall, or winter festival. Might be nice to have an ice hockey tournament in Ireland, they would keep the pubs busy,

  4. $4000 for two people? I can usually take my family of 4 to Ireland for 10 days for that amount- including flying from a small Midwest airport.

    To save money might I suggest traveling in the off season or shoulder season?

    On the car rental front, there are no credit cards (none) that cover car rental insurance in Ireland. Instead of having the company “black” a deductible (which can be $2000 or more), go ahead an purchase the CDW w/Excess (between $6-$10 per day). This will cover, 100%, any damage that may occur while you have the car. Also look at renting from locally owned Dan Dooley, instead of an international chain.

    If you will be traveling around the country look into an OPW Heritage pass for historic sites- it usually pays for itself in 5-6 site visits. For Shannon region (Bunratty, Cliffs of Moher) the Shannon Region has discounts. I believe there is also one for Northern Ireland.

    I am already seeing deals for this fall/winter in Ireland. I imagine by September and October we will be seeing lots of deals promoting Ireland in 2013. After all, they could use the kick in the economy (which, really, is why they planned The Gathering in the first place.)

    • Some great points Jody, thanks!
      I hadn’t heard of the OPW pass. Thanks for the info.
      Hopefully there’s good deals for the high season in Ireland also. Most people with kids are going to need to go when they’re off school, and not too many want to spend all that money to sample the Irish weather in winter-time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Another note on the OPW pass- for the last couple years all OPW Heritage sites have been free the first Wednesday of every month. I would assume they will continue that into 2013.

        As for the weather- I’ve had nicer days on trips in late November than I had during my June trip this year. It’s all about layering. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • From all accounts this years summer has been brutal! I was back home for 3 weeks in March/April and it barely rained a single day. Gotta be lucky too!

          • And it rained- alot- every day of our 10 day trip. The last day and a half it rained- hard- non stop. Absolutely crazy!