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My Experience With The Dublin Pass – The Pros And Cons

***update*** If you’re looking for up-to-date Dublin Pass discount codes, check out this other page on this site.

I was back in Dublin last weekend for my brother’s Bachelor party. Eighteen of us made the trip up to the capital to give him a good send-off, and it really was a great weekend all round.

The last time I was in Dublin I was with my wife and 2 young kids, and we decided to sample the Dublin attractions a-la-carte style. We figured with strollers, diapers and tantrums, investing in any pre-bought tour packages may work against us. We had a great time and I wouldn’t change how we approached that trip. This time however, I knew I’d have an easier time getting around to see the sights I wanted to see, so I ponied up the money to buy the Dublin Pass.

The Dublin Pass covers entry to more than 30 Dublin City Center attractions including Christ Church Cathedral, the Guinness Storehouse, the James Joyce Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin Zoo and The Old Jameson Distillery. You can see the full list of places that the pass gives you free entry to on the official website.

What did I see?

For daytime sightseeing activities I teamed up with my brother and another friend. We each bought the 2 day pass (they have options for 1, 2, 3 and 6 days) and we managed to squeeze in quite a few places during those 2 days. I loved Christ Church Cathedral the first time I went, so I went back for some more medieval mystery on this trip. We also took in the Guinness Storehouse – amazing! My brother really wanted to go to the James Joyce museum, so we went there. That probably wouldn’t have made it on to my “must-see” list, but I did enjoy it. We also managed to get to the Old Jameson Distillery, Kilmainham Gaol and the Natural History Museum. All of that coupled with stop-offs for lunch, drinks etc, as well as taking in most of it on foot, left me exhausted! Happily exhausted.
I have to say the Guinness Storehouse was probably the place I liked best. I’ve wanted to go for years, and everytime I’ve been in Dublin I never really had a good opportunity to get there. I must say, it definitely lived up to my expectations. The Gaol was probably a close second – but plan plenty of time, or call ahead if you are going there. They do warn of delays due to how busy it can get.

So is it worth it?

Personally I found having the pass to be well worth the cost, but I suppose the answer to “Is it worth it?” is completely dependent on how you use it. If you are planning on spending an entire day in the Guinness Storehouse, soaking up as much Guinness history and trivia as is humanly possible, then no – just pay for admittance to that one attraction. If your intent is to visit multiple Dublin City attractions over the course of your stay, then you’ll certainly be able to save some money.

What I liked about the Dublin Pass

I really liked that you can pick and choose whichever attractions you’d like to see. This works well if you’re in a group because everyone will have a different favorite. Because there’s so many attractions and they are spread out around the city, you might want to plan ahead of time so that you’re not wasting time retracing your steps. The Dublin Pass website does have a PDF map you can download, so that you can familiarize yourself with where things are and the best routes to take.

What I’d change about the Dublin Pass

Like I mentioned above, I was in Dublin with my family recently and I didn’t get the pass then, because I didn’t feel we’d get full benefit from it. Even though both my children fall in to the ‘free’ category, I felt there wouldn’t be enough places on the attraction list that I could take them to. We did go to the zoo back then, which is great, and we could’ve taken in maybe one or 2 other things that the Dublin Pass gives free entry to, but I didn’t feel there was enough options for very young kids. But I suppose their target audience is probably older than that anyway.

Other benefits of the Dublin Pass include:

– Free Airport to city transportation
– You can skip right to the front of the queue at some attractions
– They throw in a free Dublin City Guidebook (very useful!)
– You can order online or in person. If you order online, they will send you the pass ahead of time.

Have fun in Dublin!


  1. For families the Dublin Pass can be hit or miss. I did a breakdown of costs with & without the pass over at Ireland with Kids: irelandwithkids.com/visiting-dublin-pass-vacation/planning-your-irish-vacation/

  2. Hi Liam,
    Thanks for the info, I think it all comes down to time and temperament. A lot of tourist (like me) make the mistake of cramming too many things into too little time. Having the pass can focus some to efficiently see the sites of Dublin, but I must confess I prefer Dublin in a crusty old pub, with a good chat or too.

  3. Hi Liam,
    We were lucky enough to have been gifted a two day Dublin Pass & a 2 day Hop on Hop off Bus ticket the combination of which was great.
    We were there during the St Patrick’s Day Festival, so we were able to use the passes the day before & the day after St Patrick’s Day. My only regret is that we could have researched the dublin pass a little more so we could have made more economic use of our time.

    My favourite was the Guinness Storehouse too. I got to go there on St Paddy’s Day & because I had a Paddy/Patricia/Patrick name, I got in free with free t’shirt [with logo “very important Patrick inside]- a VIP [very important patrick] lanyard, & an extra free guinness!! It was a fabulous day to visit the Storehouse & if you are ever in Dublin for the St Patricks Day Festival, you have to go to the storehouse, it was absolutely humming.

  4. I love the Dublin pass – have used it many time with and without the kids – AND the Guinness Store house is fabulous. I take all our visitors there. Excellent pint in the gravity bar at the end.

    • Mona
      Keep the visitors coming, and you have a great excuse to pop back in to the Storehouse ๐Ÿ™‚
      There’s no better pint than in Guinness itself. I wish I had easier access to it. Can’t say you can get a could pint of it over here in Cali ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. My husband and I just returned from Europe with our children and the trip included Dublin. We acquired the Dublin Pass weeks in advance and were excited to know we would see a great deal in a short period of time from the vantage point of a relaxing bus trip with a guide. We planned on returning to sites that interested us to see them more closely. The day we arrived THE BUS DRIVERS WENT ON STRIKE. What a huge disappointment. Since my husband isn’t walking well we were unable to see what we had hoped and spent time traveling on the inner city train system. It was still enjoyable and Dublin is great. I would be nice to have the company give us some reimbursement. That would be probably too much to hope for.

    • Hi Margaret
      That’s a shame. It’s always a pity when people have to suffer due to a dispute between employers and employees. I’m not sure what they do for people in your situation. It might be worth getting in touch with them.