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This Is What Makes Blogging Cool!

It’s always nice to hear from people who read your blog, or connect with you on some form of social media. Comments, emails, guests posts etc…I love interacting with the people who want to learn more about Ireland.

Recently Kathy O’Hara won a CD on GotIreland, and today I had the nice surprise of these thank you cards in the mail from her. Well, one was a handwritten thank you, the other was a spare I guess 🙂

Kathy makes these cards herself, and sells them in her Etsy Store. You should really check them out. They are printed on high quality paper, are all unique, and they all have a personal little touch, like the four leaf clover on the card with the map, or the fancy little shamrock on the Irish flag card. She has cards to suit tons of occasions: Thank you cards, Birthdays, Weddings, New Babies etc.

Thank you Kathy! You make blogging cool!

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  1. Thanks! And enjoy the states. It’s funny how everyone picks up on “have a nice day!”. After so many years, I don’t really notice it. Enjoy your time here.