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Spotted This Week – June 15th – Irish Interest

Here we go again…some nice little tidbits of Irish interest from around the web

Irish Names

This will interest the genealogists among you…I stumbled on dochara.com recently while looking up Irish surname facts, and found that they have some pretty intersting articles for those of you looking to find out information on your last names. Recommended reading includes the meaning of Irish surnames and Irish surnames of Viking origin.
They also have complied a list of 300 of the most common names in Ireland. They have posted this list in table format including variants, origin and where in Ireland the names are most common.

Less Travelled Ireland

I’ve been taking part in a new project recently, which pinpoints on the Irish map, places of interest that you may not find in a tour book. The list of places is steadily growing, and due to the diversity of contributors, you will find some very unique and obscure places to visit on your next trip to Ireland. You can sign up for a sneak preview of the website here.

Yummy Irish Recipe

Mairead at IrishAmericanMom keeps on delivery the goods 🙂 Her latest mouth-watering treat, Irish Sponge Cake will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Photo of the week

Credit: mr_klaster1 on Twitter

As many of you know, the Irish soccer team are hard at work playing in the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland. Like at most other major sports tournaments, there is a chance of crowd trouble, and unfortunately this happened to be the case on the day Ireland were taking on Croatia. From all accounts, our fun loving fans behaved well, but there were some riot police on hand to ensure peace was maintained. For those of you familiar with the Irish comedy series, Father Ted, this picture of 2 Irish fans posing in front of the riot police will give you a good little chuckle. For everyone else, you can find the Father Ted DVDs here.

Fun Pub Facts

I have to give my friends on the Irish Fireside credit for this one. They shared the 25 Facts About Dublin Pubs post on their Facebook wall earlier in the week. Some are interesting, some not so much, but all-in-all an enjoyable 5 minute read.

CD Winners

I’ve been lucky enough to give away some more CDs recently. Congratulations to Kathy O’Hara and Debi Schlutow, the latest 2 winners of Irish music CDs on GotIreland.com
Be sure to stay in touch, via the newsletter and Facebook. You could be next 🙂

See something interesting on the web this week of Irish Interest? Share it with us in the comments below.