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Linehan’s Hand-Made Shandon Sweets, Cork City

Linehan's Handmade Sweets Shandon Cork

I passed Linehans handmade sweets on my way to and from St. Anne’s Shandon Tower. This little sweet shop is just around the corner from the church.
I grew up living on these sweets, and yes, I still have all my teeth 🙂 but I never knew they came from just across the river, where they have been made since 1928!

Dan Linehan, and his son Tony, make the sweets these days, and it was Dan’s father who started the business nearly 85 years ago. Roger, who writes the Cork food blog CorkFood.ie, did a wonderful job of photo-documenting, and telling the story of how the sweets are made. Stop by his blog to see the fascinating pictures of the sweet making process, taken inside this old Cork City building.


  1. This would be a fun place to visit with children, seeing how the sweets are made. And maybe even giving it a try (?). Do they organise tours of the factory/shop?

    • I don’t think they do offer tours. I’m sure children would love it though. Although it might be a little dangerous in there for the kiddos, with the crazy high temperatures they need to use to make the sweets.

  2. Hi I’m looking for contact details please?

    • Hi Maria
      Are you looking for Linehans contact details? if so, here it is
      Shandon Sweets
      37a John Redmond Street
      +353 (0)21 4507791