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The Cork City Gaol (main building picture)

The Cork City Gaol - Main Building

I posted this picture before I had a chance to write up my experience at the gaol. You find that post here, along with tons of other great pictures from the gaol. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Liam,
    The only time I was in Cork City it was a Sunday and we kinda cruised through it going done to Kinsale. The next time I’m near there I’d like to explore the city a bit, what can i expect and where would you recommend. A Pub or two would be nice too.
    Appreciate your blog and your time,

    • Brian
      Cork is definitely a place you could spend quite a few days in. A quick drive by on a Sunday won’t do it 🙂
      There’s tons to see and do. Take a look at the post at the following link for some city fun http://gotireland.com/2012/02/16/45-things-to-do-in-cork-city/
      If you’re looking to get outside the city, Cork has plenty to offer as regards countryside too. West Cork is renowned for spectacular scenery, and if you go far enough west you’ll hit some spots where Irish is spoken.
      East Cork has some fabulous towns to explore. Try Youghal and Midleton. In Midleton you can take in the Jameson Experience, and if you’re looking for a bite to eat you can’t go wrong with Ballymaloe House. There you’ll get to enjoy some of the best Irish food ever! Reservation recommended.
      Within the city you can get decent food too. Try some of pubs offering Carvery lunches. You’ll find some good ones on Princes Street and other small streets around St. Patrick’s Street.
      As regards pubs, I’d suggest taking a walk around the city centre and see what takes your fancy. Oliver Plunkett St. has plenty of pubs, some modern, some traditional. Many of the streets that lead into and out of Oliver Plunkett St also will have great nightlife. Have a wander around that area and see what takes your fancy. The great thing about Cork city centre is that it’s small and flat, so it’s easy to get around.

      Best regards,

      • Thanks Liam, I checked out the 45 things to do already which was great, it sent me exploring Rory Gallagher videos, next time through cCork City centre is on the list. Thanks again,