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Charles Fort video, as seen from The Dock Bar Beach near Kinsale, Cork

Kinsale in Co. Cork is a lovely spot for a day out. If you’re going to Kinsale try to go on a sunny day, because the scenery around the town is probably what is most attractive about the place. Kinsale is also very famous for it’s fine restaurants and sea food, and is commonly referred to as the gourmet capital of Ireland.

Just outside Kinsale, across the “new bridge”, is a beautiful hidden little beach. The beach is known locally as Platters & Dishes (named after the area where the local gentry from centuries past, used to picnic), and you can find it behind the Dock Bar, which is at the end of the road, if you take a left after crossing the bridge. I spent a few hours there recently. The weather was cool but sunny. The view across the bay to Charles Fort is spectacular! Take a look below at the video I shot from the beach (excuse the sometimes shakey footage).


  1. Thanks for the video it was nice to see this unique view, sadly I haven’t been to Kinsale in along time, is the Shanakee pub still in business? We had such a nice time there after strolling around the harbor, thanks again for the video,

    • Hi Brian
      I’m not sure if the Shanakee pub is still open. Sadly a lot of Irish pubs have closed due to the economy in recent years, so hopefully they haven’t been affected.
      Thanks for stopping by.