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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to the USA

Time to salute the US for all it has done for Ireland” – that is the title of a recent article in the Irish Times that caught my eye, and it is a sentiment that I personally would like to echo to my adopted country.

The reason I am posting this is that I have read many posts in the last week or so, from Irish-born people, taking a jab at Irish America for many of the stereotypes that are attributed to Ireland and Irish people. Granted, some of the stereotypes can become a little irritating, but none are in bad taste or due to some disdain towards Irish people.

So, I wanted to even the score a little by sharing this article, where the writer speaks of some of the great that America has done for Ireland. The article is short and sweet, but I think the part that many of you will find most touching is his reference to Irish Americans where he says:

“These are the people who make up Irish America, our flesh and blood. To them we owe St Patrick’s Day as we now know it and as it is celebrated all over the world. To them we owe peace in Northern Ireland, tens of thousands of jobs in Ireland today and billions in exports from US companies based in this state which make us look good even in the midst of the worst recession of modern times.
On Saturday, as you raise your glass to Ireland, remember too our very own kith and kin in the good old USA. They don’t forget us.”

Please share this post with a fellow Irish-American. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you and yours.

See the full article here


  1. Thank you for this Irish / American ‘Link’ Liam! The Americans that make jokes about St Patty’s Day and Ireland are NOT in any way including any of the Irish Folk in their jesting. Most Americans have no idea that St Patrick was from England and that this holiday is shared by the Irish but did not originate with them, but hey….any opportunity to celebrate & make some money in the meantime….who would pass on that?! LOL Have a great St Patty’s Day weekend! After all, it’s also a great way to welcome Spring back too!

  2. As an Irish born American citizen I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments in this post. America is now my home too, and I owe this country so much. The links between Ireland and America are strong to this day, and for this Irish people should be eternally grateful.

    Well said Liam and thanks for posting these insightful thoughts this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

  3. Thank you and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Ireland also!

  4. As an American born citizen of Irish descent I appreciated your printing the Irish times article. There are so many who can only criticize and attack the traditions that I believe the majority of people enjoy. The connections to our heritage is more important to we sons and daughters of Irish emigrants than those people know. There is a pride and responsibility for the past generations ,who struggled through horrific conditions to make their way in America. To them I say thank you, I know i am not Irish born, but in the melting pot that is America we are the Irish flavoring.