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Sliotar – A blend of Irish and Finnish musicians – free track


A sliotar is a small white ball used in the Irish sport Hurling. But did you know there’s also an Irish Folk-Rock band named Sliotar?

Sliotar is comprised of 3 long-time musicians hailing from Ireland and Finland playing a style of music that fuses Irish trad punk with rock and a pounding dance beat. Their music has taken them on tours all over Europe, and if you find yourself in Dublin then you may be able to catch them in The Porterhouse where they have had a long standing residency.

Their music is fast and energetic, original and modern, while all the while maintaining traditional roots.

If you want to watch Sliotar then a great place to start is on their YouTube page where they have over 300 videos available. You can also track them down on their website, where you can find out more about the band, get in touch with them, or find out how to download their music.

The band:

Ray MacCormac: Uilleann Piper, Whistle Player and Vocalist

J.P. Kallio: Guitar and Vocalist

Des Gorevan: Drums

Free Song:

Sliotar have been kind enough to offer a track for free for you to download. So turn up your speakers, and check out the track Lupo from their fourth album Cirque de Sliotar. I’m sure you’re going to love it. While listening, be sure to check out Sliotar on the web, or send them a message on Facebook to say thanks!

Sliotar - Lupo

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