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Irish Heritage Certificate

YouTube video from heritagecertificate.

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  1. Liam, I was lucky enough to be presented with my very own Irish Heritage certificate when I was in Ireland in March. Presented to me by none other that Mr Jimmy Deenihan himself. I have the certificate framed & taking pride of place amongst my gallery of ancestors & I’m extremely chuffed with it.
    Here is my blog about that day in March in Killarney, Co. Kerry.

    I’d encourage anyone with Irish ancestors to take a look at the Certificate of Heritage website http://www.heritagecertificate.com/
    Look carefully… I even make an appearance :O)

    My heritage certificate honours my great grandmother who was from Co. Fermanagh, but just 2 weeks after returning home from Ireland, I found out that I had great great great grandparents who were both from Bantry, Co. Cork!


  2. Yes Liam, I did see your post on Bantry House, such a beautiful mansion.
    However, I don’t think my ancestors came from such grand heritage, they’d have been among the poor folk, Bless them. However, I can’t be sure about that either, as I know nothing more about them other than where they were born. I’ve not been able to find anything more about them. Their surnames were Haggarty & O’Brien. I’m ever hopeful that one day, I’ll find out something more about them.