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Cliffs of Moher aerial video

In a previous post on the Cliffs of Moher we mentioned how you really have to see the cliffs in person to fully experience their magnificence. Well, if you are unable to get to the cliffs, then the video below is as close an experience as you’ll get to enjoying them.



  1. Great job Liam!! I love it! I will be using this for my 2015 maiden visit to Erin!! (My daughter’s and my 2013 trip got pushed back because they found out in Aug that they are expecting their first child in April this year!! They are 39 and thought it would never happen….all in God’s timing 🙂

    • Glad you like it Tari! I’ll be sure to keep adding to it, and I hope it’s of great use to you in 2015
      Congrats on the impending birth 🙂